26 responses to “Okeechobee(Metro Rail Post)

  1. damn, havent taken the rail in like 10 years, i cant believe that GC / MSG roof top between hialeah and trirail is still there, thanks for the flicks!

  2. Thanks for making the effort to document the metrorail rooftops. They’ve always been a rich and important part of miami graff history and still contain faded remnants of work done many years ago. As a young kid I would take the train and be inspired by the rooftops. It was like another world hidden to most people that only drive. I remember seeing tvee, meks, pest, vane, gs, tsc’s and several others that I can’t recall right now. Very nice.

  3. Oh and I almost forgot to mention the Chisme and Infoe rooftop across from government center. That one was a classic but they tore that building down some time ago.

  4. if you can go back in 85 to 88.. there many more history .. showing roof top.. and i 95 bombing.. it be nice seem some old flicks of those years.. i95 has change alot.. you can spot every tags throw ups and pieces of there

  5. you post up some serious work and effort . got prop yo.. i wish can digg up old flicks of miami ..but lost them all…keep up yo

  6. DaaM why does usvsthebuff favore these faggot crews that swear thought it was about
    Everybody doing the dam thing in south Florida…

  7. is there gonna be another metrorail post for the rest of the work out there? and what about the platforms?, train insides?

  8. O U R crew is fucking toy thats why they show no respect in the game
    til some trill ass motherfucka cracks one of those jitts heads wide open…

    • how do u think we r the toys when obviously the OUR black fill white outline by the coconut grove stop is probably the rawest piece on this metro rail post next to the black ynot fill with green in it. and if u dnt agree your pretty ignorant.

  9. Nigga IM here still writing beats and no ones gonna STOP meee. And TOY? lmfaoo get yo hatin ass outtaaa here!!! O U R crew 4 LIFE!!!!

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