Interview: JURZ AA LMA

Who you is and what set(s) you claim?

How long have you been in the game?

since early 2000’s

How did you get your tag?

jurzy was my nickname growin up and i jus shortin it to jurz for a quick get away!!

How did you get in your Crew(s)?

AA was started by me and a few buddies back in the day like highschool days,ya know killin the school bathrooms and shit,but it grew to a tight nit family,LMA i got put down wit in 08 by VENOM,once i linked up wit those guys it was pretty much over.

What writers/crews Influenced you?

Mainly my skwad,no one influenced me more the heads i get down wit, but I was always influenced by the new york heads ewok,goal,ja, etc. i jus love that grimy street shit ya know.ewok 5mh always caught my eye in mags and shit.As far as down south the DAM crew guys got alot a still influenced by them!

What part of South Florida do you rep?


Favorite part and or spot of South Florida to paint?

highways and tracksides as far as penits marina penit is my fav i mean it dont get more south florida then that!

Favorite paint?


What Music do you jam to while painting?

i dont really listen to music when i paint but i like ol school hip hop, pretty much any hip hop from the 90s!

Best spot you’ve hit?

thats a tough one. i like all the spots ive hit haha!

Would you Rather peice or bomb why?

bomb all day thats what i got into graff for,i jus love that feelin of gettin away wit that shit yo,makin people wonder how the fuck i did it!!

Favorite thing to paint?
I95 and tracksides

Have you painted outside of florida, if so whats the best place you’ve painted?
BOSTON thats where the homies are at.

Do you perfer the traditional NY shit or the wildstyle Cali shit?
NY grim yo thats where it all started.

Have you been roped? if so, how?
shit ive been roped in 3 different states,shit aint fun at ALL. im not gunna go into details about it cause im still kinda dealin wit it,but i will say the homies slept under a car for 7 hours while they put me away!!

Any good chase stories you’d like to share?
shit man i got a pretty funny was me syen venom mayor luer cert and ryde we were paintin this trackside at like 10pm when this fuckin cop came flyin at us mach fuckin 10, one of the guys yells cops so we all start runnin this fuckin cop came directly at us syen had a duffel bag full of paint the dude ran that shit over crushin every single can he had me mayor and luer go hide in the fuckin woods ready to get locked up,when we get a fuckin phone call from syen sayin it was some redneck fucks in a truck,i swear to god yo i thought that was it!! haha VENOM fell in torn bush had to get surgey to get em removed haha fuckin graffiti!!!!

What do you think of the graff scene on the internet?
i like the internet cause i can look at whats goin on through out south florida but it def ruined the bombin part cause the new jacks are doin tags and fillins n chill spots and postin it,instead of hittin a highway or train for heads to see!

Thought’s on Art Basel?
FUCKIN DOPE were blessed to have an event like that every year.You meet mad people see the shit that we all love in person,who wouldnt love it!

Any words of wisdom for the noobs/toys? what sites do you visit to get your graff fix?
learn to take constructive criticism,understand the game before you jump into it,and GO BIG OR GO HOME!! oh yeah and dont think you wont get caught haha

Shout outs?

VENOM ,UNEAK,(hey buddy)VEIN FUCKIN ONE the LMA skwad from boston to miami DOMER my new york homies the GKNY crew CFACE, MOB my wife.AND ANYONE HOLDIN THE SHIT DOWN OUT HEA!! pz  you for hookin this up,all the haters

16 responses to “Interview: JURZ AA LMA

  1. yo i see ur favorite paint is rusto..u saw what they did to da rusto’s??? they got them female tips now!!! what paint u gonna use now??? let me know..cus aint nothing like rustos lol

    • ^ — a tiny bit of basic physical principles that your average human knows, is not creativity. Now walking around like you are the ‘next shit’ because you may understand that bit, doesn’t make you creative. It makes you look stupid. It probably depends on who you choose to surround yourself with. Maybe you are god in their eyes, man would I dislike that state of being.

  2. well they changed dat tips..i ahvent tryed it out yet..maybe it makes no different..ima try da new tips out..see if its good to paint with still

  3. more interviews on toys. miami graff scene is gaaaaarbage lol. legal wall paintin european paint buyin fags lol. 1 of the softest scenes in the country

  4. “CANNOT COMPUTE” IS A FUCKIN FAGGOT. I GAURANTEE I WILL BEAT YOUR FUCKIN FACE IN! European paint Buying? dude just said his favorite paint is RUSTO. You’re a fuckin clown.Go choke on a fuckin huge dick you fuckin HOMO THUG FUCKBOY!!! WHAT YOU WRITE? Lemme know so i can come down there and dis all your shit and you wont do shit about it. Holler back I’ll give you my adress and phone number so i can meet you and stomp your face in. JURZ bombs like a motherfucker. He may not be the illest or have the best style in the game but he has put in mad work. Never mind the fact that he’s probably more of a man than you will ever be you fuckin faggot. state your name BITCH.


    • ^^^^”WHAT YOU WRITE? Lemme know so i can come down there and dis all your shit and you wont do shit about it. Holler back I’ll give you my adress and phone number so i can meet you and stomp your face in”

      What is the address and phone number?

  5. “cannot compute” are you haten cause you love him,cause you wanna be him cause you wish you cud get up like him. you aint nothin but one of them legal walls only writers.stop your bitch ass haten and state your name…Props Jurz(fckin poser)

  6. da miami scene is wak..cus of u haters dat talk alot of shit about everybody,n dont look at ur selfs..u cant even leave a name when yall talk shit!!! yall hate when other niggas get da spot light..cus yall wanna be the ones to be on it…fags!!! stop talking shit about ppl n fucking paint,maybe then ull get interviewed to losers!!!

  7. (Fix) *hid unda a van, not a car*!!! Also one last thing; lma gang motha fucka! We study the states, we DON’T die, we just pull out more fuckin paint!! Get off out dicks, didn’t we nut inside the condom all ready? Your used and abused. (Tossesd on the ground, not even in the trash with cum inside)………. GET OFF OUR DICK….. or ryde the team… lmfao!

    Ya boyeeee 512!!!
    Eat em up!!!!
    P.s. jurz.. keep killin’em and ill go to ur state for the funeral…. roger…. 10-4.. over n out! Uno!
    Haters… one your self!!!

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