You Visit We Live It 2012 PT. 9


4 responses to “You Visit We Live It 2012 PT. 9

  1. “you visit, we live it” litl boy lucas has all these fuckin idiots brainwashed. FUCKING IDENTITY CRISIS FOOOLS. Wiat you want “them” to visit so they know who you are, else you wouldn’t be doing this, the stupidest shit in the world! You NEED to convince them that this stupid shit you do “is art”, and hip, so you can get laid, and make money to buy your litl bag of dope(that’s right, you buy dope, you ain’t)so you can sell them your “real” “genuine” bullshit. “:everybody in miami wants to be somebody” – read “how dare they” -the words of your leader luc himself. does’nt think much of you guys! the’re lots of other “skills”.
    knowing how to use a spraycan doesn’t give you the right to be a fucking cocky asshole to people. “Yo, I got mad walking skillz yo, I been walking for 27 years! writing? huh yeah i been writing for less, what? No, I didn’t know that writing is a feminine craft, and the guy who talks about “writingskills” is brainwashing the youth, to account for his lack of manhood(yes,). What? people will think I’m gay if I write? ohoh better stop””, And that’s the .001 percent who even know how to use a spraycan.. the rest well, lets just deal with the smaller number now, the zombies will follow suit when, their heros are crushed.

  2. “he won’t say that to my face” , classic lucas. While He’s busy hiding under a rock like osama bin laden(connection to real terrorism not a pun) jerking off to the ONLY graffiti he admires but that he tells his puppies and monkeys sucks and isn’t real graffiti… hahaha

    Banksy built his whole career by saying things about people, that he would never have to defend in person, and things he would never say to the people he critiqued in person. how you like them apples..

    You cannot build a culture around a act of disrespect and expect to have people respect you for it! Not when the truth is shown.

    by the way To: “gons” .
    acknowledging you in another post does not mean you are .o1 percent who knows how to use a can..far from that not too far from your lips and lucas dicks.. “few and far between” please..stop scribbling it and be it CHUMPS

    HOLLA a

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