Little Havana PT. 2 (Basel Beginnings!)

Stay Tuned for a lot more Basel flicks…….


18 responses to “Little Havana PT. 2 (Basel Beginnings!)

  1. called it little havana post just to piss your little bitch ass off.
    what are you the captain of the map gps team?

    god loves me. i aint sippin no jim jones this year.
    Rest in peace GURU, tighteyez, and all my wynwood niggaz!!
    DT’s was tryn to catch my Asian ass, i said hell naz!!
    Errr one be tight in the streets, they got cameras with body heat seakers. them dogs can chase me all the way home. even if i got my bike or not. Earsnot is cool and all but my niggaz from philly got the weed in the mouth thing. i would fuck Claw.

    tod jeffries,

  3. Dammmmmm BRO! Shout out to the wynwood heavy hitters bro! I never knew Miami bros got down like this! Bro y’all bomb heavy bro! Year round bro??!!!??

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