Interview – JUNE FS, DTT, STV, BSK, EKA (N)

-Thanks for the opportunity, Let us know what you push and how many years you’re been in the game.

What up, its ya boy June aka Juner, been doing the dam thang for 16 + years now.

– How did FS and STV merge?

I wouldnt say the crews merged, we are more like family we have a common respect for each other and we share the same views of the game. Everyone in FS is down with everyone in Stv and vice versa but in reality there is only a few of us that are FSTV!

-Miami is kind of at a disadvantage concerning freights in comparison to other cities cause there ís only one way in and one way out, so you really gotta want it to get up Do you feel that ís true or am I wrong?

Yeah I agree, Miami is shitty in the freight game when you compare it to other cities that have many yards and allot more freight traffic. However, we do have our spots that we have maintained for decades and just like anything else if you really want it theres always a way to get it.
now for the new jacks that our trying to figure it out let me explain something to you. EVERY SPOT is our spot! some we will allow you to paint some we wont, dont get your feelings hurt, just be happy we even let you guys paint some of them! haha

-It’s been three years since OILS left. I picked up and enjoyed your tribute mag (thanks again), are you guys doing anything else to honor him?

Im glad you liked it! Although Oil has moved on to a better place, his work will never fade out. As long as I am alive his name will live on, and im not the only one that feels that way. So you can rest assure that there is allot more to come!

-Graffiti is such a vast medium with so many different interpretations. When you paint, can you try and explain what you are trying to get across with your style?

Im into tradition subway graffiti. I really only enjoy burning metal panels doing pieces with no bottoms and I dont go back to clean up. Drips over sprays rough edges thats graffiti to me. Its all about the letters, and how much style you can put into them with out losing the original letter structure for me!

-What’s your opinion on what you’re seeing in 2012, related to the craft or not?

I see allot of dudes going real big which i love.  I also see allot of wild style bs that have no type of letter structure GARBAGE! I like the fact that writers are now trying to conquer other cities not just the city they live in. I think its important to travel and make your presence known.
But the one thing that urks me is writers that can only piece! In my day you had to know how to do it all. Handstyles, throwups, straight letters then you piece and do burners. I cant respect a writer that can only piece to me they just artist wanna be writers!

-D.A.D.E. has been standing up against the test of time. Without giving away anything for free, do you have any advice for anyone trying to start their own company?

7 years strong! be original dont go and copy your favorite brand! its good to study the game and be influenced, but you have to be original. Anyone can do a t-shirt line few can create a brand!

-Who have you gotten to take a pic with one of your shirts that you were like “Damn! I canít believe I got that?”

Well I dont really go out of my way to get people to rock the shirt. If anything I get stoked on seeing random dudes in the street wearing it. The biggest highlight so far to me was seeing Trick Daddy Dollars rocking one of the Tees from our first line on MTV’s my block. It was dope that he went to Shoe Gallery and copped a Shirt!

-Let switch it up here, are you into anything else besides painting that you’d like to share?

Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls I do Adore!

-Did you vote on lifting the pitbull ban in the city? Why?

Hell yeah! I got a 2 year old blue nose son that is my life. If anyone comes to try to take him im gonna catch a murder charge so lets get that bill passed so no one has to get murked!

-Miami Question: HEAT, Dolphins, Marlins, the U, or Panthers? Who are you following?

I barely watch tv. So its hard for me to keep up. But I do like watching the Heat. That’s the only team I try to follow.

-Unsolicited [no homo] props: Give us a name of a local writer not affiliated with your crew that you think is dope. Why?

I cant really point out a specific writer. all the writers I like are in my crews! But i can say i like the work the Guk crew is doing. I think those dudes are doing it right! Also like some of the FDC cats.

-Miami’s got all kinds of self-described graffiti artists. Give me a percentage of dudes that think they’re real but aren’t:

“99.9 % of these niggas aint shit!” haha

-Why is it important to start in the streets and not just get a name without putting in work?

Graffiti is a subculture you have to experience in order to evolve. anyone can go paint a wall with a permission slip and learn some techniques. But the writer that lives the streets learns lessons that can be applied to life. graffiti to me is more then just a form of art and expression. its a state of mind that you gain from experiencing the ups and downs of putting in work.
If you have put in work, you’ll know what im talking about.

-Last one’s not a question. It’s a chance for you to speak. Say what’s on your mind that you would like to share with South Florida.

keep the scene REAL! learn your history, stay out of our spots! shop at and dont fuck with FS, DTT, STV, BSK, EKA (N)! cause we will get at cha!
We live in the rawest city of the world! And im always watching! buahahahah


Shouts out to Bane for conductin the interview! -MR. USVSTHEBUFF

17 responses to “Interview – JUNE FS, DTT, STV, BSK, EKA (N)

  1. mad props to you and all of the older cats that have been in the game for years watch the haters flood this shit like usual but keep doing yo thang big homie

  2. where you there next to etch at art basel a few years back when he got knocked out by that lil fat boy ?

    • Maybe. He Also seen standing next to one who got into a fight cause someone him. Just stood there..4-5 on one. Guess he’s turned it into a lifetime trait. Your fucking hero is all talk, no walk, master of chit chat, take this interview for example.
      you watching…hahha

    • ^^shit for brains using a all kinds of cloaking complicated garbage to log on and give himself props!!!
      fucking idiot
      shit for brains has a hard time identifying himself in a official capacity…
      thats right, all you teenies feeling the “freshest, dopest” etcetera, he’s just doing a bomb on your LIFE! he look at you after completing your training and say, that’s a walking, “stupid moniker my emtee fucking personality shell feels like the instant I railroaded that young kids life” he feels like calling himself at that moment. His “army of dopey clones” “have you bombed today??” yeah mofo, I took you the fuck out..see ya tomorrow, and the morrow and after that BITCH

  3. now for the new jacks that our trying to figure it out let me explain “something to you. EVERY SPOT is our spot! some we will allow you to paint some we wont, dont get your feelings hurt, just be happy we even let you guys paint some of them! haha”
    We will see who lets who paint what.

  4. Down And Dirty Ethics…a brand joke toy brandtold.
    12 oz profit, well there is your violets..btw, L, m,s,e,….blah bla, try replicating one of those paperboy “masters one” tags on busy spot..yeah those 4 or five of them from 95 were terrible, let’s be honest.. the real M

    • No shit, yes, I know the type. the guy is brainwashing all these kids so that they can validate his existence, which without them constantly reinforcing, is shit. They ARE his “rep”. Hopefully they realize they are nothing more than that to him. Instruments he uses to the build the world image of himself..Insert Three Letters.(,<—There]

  5. the 4th 6th 7th or 9th date of birth. 037 too??? leo, montego, bermuda???
    Yeah bro, he is better at getting up and more skilled. No fancy pants paint needed. Not to mention, “no crew needed” that you like to claim.

  6. “who are you?, MMW?”- written by super fake aka emty shell “since I don’t know who I am, maybe if I spend the rest of my life writing ‘tag’words on peoples walls and thinking I’m super awesome dope freshest man in the world for it, I could figure it out, or maybe by fucking around with other people I don’t know and fucking up their lives I could learn about it, anyways, I don’t know shit, this stupid shit is fun and people think I’m really cool cause i have nice hand writing like a girl” akaShitForBrains circa 2000.
    Well, 13 years later, you are a little closer to finding out..

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