La Familia


19 responses to “La Familia

  1. ^ well that kid sewer must be doing something right if you feel the need to comment about him, you should put a name

  2. Unfortunately, being in 2012 it’s pretty much impossible to have anything original at all. atleast the kid puts in work

  3. Thats where you’re wrong, there’s many different styles that you can up with, people just don’t get influenced anymore they bite. They bite how to do throwies, they bite the style of writes and everything. These kids do put in work I aint hating either but you gotta understand that they got good in a day

  4. why dont you leave a name? i mean i see your points.. but alot of writers who are big and put in work and been around for a while have very similar stuff almost the same as other writers. because you know what? nothings original. everything has been used shits been going on way before many peoples time. Also why dont you leave a name? your going to say shit like that atleast put a name. this kid puts in work then let him be.

  5. Everybody bites just put in wrk thtsthe point my nigga get upppp originality comes wit timeeverybody learns frm somebody it getspassed down. . . . .

  6. stop calling yourselves kings, stop being little fucking kids, biting is biting, originality is in no way impossible. fuck you think this is? get up and shut up. EBLIS WDS

  7. anyone else notice some specific writer side busting and placing tags so close to the pieces and other peoples tags that it’s actually hitting the outline. Might as well just diss it

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