Interview: FUBAR 28

Thanks for the opportunity. Let us know what you push and how many years in the game.

 I push FUBAR,28VANDAL GANG. 7 years since ive had my first graffiti experiences, less then a year of pushing Fubar. Less then a fucking year of taking this shit seriously.
What made you start to focus more in the last year?
well i had to kinda choose what i was gunna do , i just graduated school i gave art school a try shit blows, school is never an will never be for me. i decided within a month of school i would make this graff shit work for me, cause you will not find me in a classroom ill find ways to pay bills ill do what i have to do but my main focus is gunna be graff. during school i didnt have time like that, i was a sports guy,  coulda went to college for football. Shit lemme put it this way, if were painting and get rushed an i decide to run, my homies should worry about outrunning me , not the cops. ill ball anyone up in anything haha…na but for real.
Back in the 90s, writers got into the game in high school, middle school, I’ve even heard elementary. How did you get started and why is it different now from back then?
I remember being in elementary school and seeing all the different graffiti in Broward, i mean old shit, old shit to me at least 7S shit.Shit just amazed me at the time ,but i remeber being at the YMCA in hollywood and this dude from south broward was drawing letters n shit i asked him to do my name,i musta drew that same drawing till my fingers bled then eventually linked up with another homie who pretty much explained shit to me you know about names and stuff dude wrote Sage at the time, we spent so many night sneeking out of my crib at like 2 in the morning walking to down to the traintracks at Taft st and 95 and just fooling around , i remember under sheridan bridge some homies had a whole production wall it was all pink with a pink panther. That shit fucking blew my mind. We would do whatever down there, we bombed up the whole tri rail station one time with some red paint and a fat cap, i mean every dam pole in that bitch every wall bench everything, and the bums were chilling there as were doing it , were walking past em they gave us a whole life lesson type of talk. It was just weird. Dam , good memories.But that was all before i was14. The difference is nowadays it seems like theres no passion, people just are soft with it , kids AND grown ass niggas think they write and shit cause there internet whores. I hate the internet, yea i go on and bullshit whatever, but youll never find me on 12 ounce talking shit or bombing science threatening people. its just lame. My generation just makes me mad. Bring back the passion.

Times have changed and so has location. Tell us how being from the 954 doesn’t mean what it used to.
 Who says it doesnt mean what it used to? Yea people arent really connected through gangs and graffiti like it used to but im fine with that. When you get caught up in a bunch of other bullshit like gangs, you lose sight of your graff side. For me its all graff , no different sides. Im as proud as ever to be from fucking Broward county.
Are you a scene guy or just about you and yours?
Im neither , in that im both. Im about it all.
Were you down with YNOT? Any cool stories with the homie?
 yea i knew homie. i was tattooed by him a couple times, i actually met him through my mom so when she died it was only appropriate he did my first tat, she was gunna have him do me and my brothers name unfortunately she was gone too soon as is Ynot. i had some bad beef with a local crew when i was like 15. we hated eachother, i dont even remember how shit started, just abuncha b.s. you know but eventually what happened is i went to go get my tattoo from Y and one of the homies who ran the crew showed up as Y told em i would be there so we squashed that shit right there an now im cool with a couple of the dudes. Y was a good dude, you could just tell.
We hear dudes don’t think you can piece. What do you have to say about that?
 Not to much really.  Hey, come battle me. Its no excuse or anything but read the last sentence of the first statement i made. Piecing is a constant struggle for me that i enjoy, id rather go huge rather then some 6×6 piece, ill take the roller cans ladders any day over just the cans. That being said I have alot of work to do in all areas but my piecing is constantly  progressing and getting better.
Some people think you have to be brought into the game by someone who is respected to preserve the culture, others just hit it full throttle on their own and learn on the fly. What do you think is better and why?
 I think you need balance. I feel ive had great balance. I started off on my own with Fubar less then a year ago just running around writing on shit. I learned a lot. But i learned way more when i met some other dudes that knew what the fuck they were doing. but theres alot of times i wish i knew no one an could just go about my buisness myself but theres alot more times id like to just go out with a buncha homies and just crush shit. Unfortunately alotta the dudes im with are a lot older and not really about that, not to say it doesnt happen. Theres a couple dudes I can count on.
Graffiti is such a vast medium with so many different interpretations. When you paint, can you try and explain what you are trying to get across with your style? Also where do you see all of this taking you?
What im trying to get across is simple. I want my shit to stick out, i want my shit to be way bigger , fresher, cleaner everything. Everything to my scribes, to my flares, to my curbies, to my burners, to my blockbusters , to my extuinguishers. I dont have A style. This game will take me where no one has had it take them, from the illegal side of it and the legal side of it. Graffiti is evolving. Like my homie Gere told me , its like skateboarding used to be. Just think about it.
What’re you listening to music wise?
Music, hmm..what dont i listen to, on a typical smoke sesh or out an about ill bump everything from old weezy hot boy shit to lynryd skynyrd to nappy roots to ray charles. Strate up i appreciate most music but i love the shit i listen too. cant forget the hood shit but gotta respect the classics.

Unsolicited [no homo] props: Give us a name of a local writer not affiliated with your crew that you think is dope. Why?
Sorry but i cant name one.  Idont even know where to start, ill stick to people I dont personally know, apart from any crew disputes or any of that bullshit ill be honest in who i think is dope. Just my opinion.  First, All the dudes who can rock simple shit with simple techniques and make it work , Helm, Rumor ,and Shout, props. For burners productions and shit, Siner, FDC Crew, TCP crew for their walls fasho. For tagging and strate hardcore bombing  unfortunately  no one really ever catches my eyes. Which means if your reading this, STEP UP!

-Miami Question: HEAT, Dolphins, Marlins, the U, or Panthers? Who are you following?
Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh Pirates.Pittsburgh Panthers. Pittsburgh Panthers. And some more Pittsburgh Steelers
Pittsburg Question: Was Sandusky from your neighborhood?

na hell na haha , that dude deserves life in jail an then some, i hope them inmates fuck him up, literally.i was born n raised down here homie,,all my fam both sides are from up there so thats where all the pittsburgh shit comes from, it just literally runs in the blood. Black and Gold baby all day.

Last one’s not a question. It’s a chance for you to speak. Say what’s on your mind that you would like to share with South Florida.
 First of all thanks to USVSTHEBUFF. Keep up the good work, thanks for all the photos and shit you do for everyone, it is appreciated. Everyone else stop the dam beefing, its a waste of time money gas paint everything.  No ones gunna win, if you got problems BATTLE. If you got more personal issues beat the fuck outta eachother i dont care just enough with the dam hate its annoying. Stop worrying about tryna act thug and hard stop fronting shit on the internet stop making excuses just go paint. Do your thing, be yourself.Peace and Love especially to all my brothers, SIGNS ENMITY QUAKE PUCHO KUTER CROME ARIVE GERE HEST CROOK ATOMIK MOST CARE FREE ST! REST IN PEACE TO MY MOTHER AND  YNOT, AS WELL AS ALL THE HOMIES WE HAVE LOST ALONG THE WAY.YNOT LIVES! THANKS TO ALL THE HOMIES FOR ALL THEY DO.GO PAINT SUCKAS
big ups to Bane RM for conducting the Interview!

44 responses to “Interview: FUBAR 28

  1. you don’t see nobody when it comes to bombing ? not even browards own dose ? you didnt see ynot ? i dont understand ? who are you ?

  2. Why are you interviewing kids? Ynot wannabe pushing a niggas name he didnt even know. Real shit, if my homie died, I would change my damn name to his. But the only ones pushin Ynot now are dick riders and his real homies are too lazy to do shit except sit back and rank on the jits doin it. At least real Miami heads know the deal, broward is whack and has been. Toys Teaching Toys, ever read Siner’s interview? HE’S REFERRING TO YOU GUYS!

    • ignorant. . . writers from broward get up in broward and miami. . . .miami writers stay in wynwood or just in miami

      • Broward is wack… Pussy nigga all that broward shit in Miami is toy and the only thing good in broward is Miami niggas so keep it real nd recognize real graff bitch

      • leave ur name pussy ass bitch! nd u will really see who i am when i crush everypeice of shit graff you have

      • oh ima leave a name how bout u leave a name nd well c whos graff gets fucked up fuck miami nigga. . . .come to broward nd mayb ill figure out who u are

  3. this niger been painting a year and he gets an interview? lol if hes still painting 2 years from now hes probably going to cringe when he reads it. This kid posts videos and photos of his face and christian name all over the place and laughs when he goes bombing… He’ll feel dumber than a mother fucker when his parents got to dish out 5 grand for a lawyer for not minding basic Ps and Qs

  4. ahahahahahahahaha is this a joke
    ” If you got more personal issues beat the fuck outta eachother i dont care just enough with the dam hate its annoying.”
    ” stop fronting shit on the internet stop making excuses just go paint”
    lol is this a real interview

  5. I used to think Fubar was well on his way to getting up, and I respected that. After reading this I can honestly say I dont respect him anymore. Its funny how you say ” kids AND grown ass niggas think they write and shit cause there internet whores. I hate the internet” … So if you hate attention whores and you hate the internet, then why you whoring yourself out when u have only been taking it serious for less than a year and why you on the internet if you hate it? And the fact you say ” my homies should worry about outrunning me ” who gives a fuck if you can run faster than your homies. Just pathetic that usvsthebuff interviewed this guy! Interview the writers who have been in the game for ATLEAST more than 5 years, jessussss lord. No beef to Fubar, but honestly guy , you are a clown.

  6. can i ask all you haters a question? can he paint? yes? or no? YES. thats what matters, stop being a little bitch and complaining bout how he seems to be or acts, its not bout that. what the fuck is this? mtv? quit being little bitches and pay attention to the art even if he, as a person may seem like a bit of a joke to you guys…..

  7. so what he paints? apple paints too
    Except Fubar’s letters look exactly like the fake Siners 😉

  8. fuck any body can take a can and spray it on a wall and do bull stupid ass shit. what i meant which i knew you knew what i meant is can he paint good? Yes he can and he gets up as well. i dont know why ur all hating. what the fuck is the standards man? this guy paints really good. what do u want him to be? plus graff aint about it being so pretty and perfect… and FAKE siner? fuck u tlking bout fool?? psh..

  9. fubars just one of those niggas that came around after 2008 that met the right people at the right time. and thats what miami graff has become “meeting the right people”, back in the day bombing and painting learning through trial and error is what made a writer.

  10. the mans been in the game less then a year seriously … cut the man some slack he can paint hes getting up he just needs to learn letters and not fruity extensions and he might be going some where . if he has a style similar to sign its probaly due to the fact thats one of the people who taught him im guessing

  11. fake siner and winkie face in the same line? first off just because someone gets there influence off another doesnt mean shit…”no ideas original theres nothin new under the sun”…fubars got his own style goin on and assuming SIGN is a fake SINER just shows how little you know of the two people at all…

  12. To be honest im not impressed with his paintings skills. All the fruity colors make me think im looking at a fruit salad. What happend to the good ol silver and black?? NINE of the flicks are in the Marina Penit and some are even legals. Posting penits and legals and posting a interview with less than a year of REAL painting experience, talking about how you can outrun your homies..THANKS FOR KEEPIN’ IT REAL SON….

  13. Damn all u nigguhs just hating, this boy gets up, that’s all that matters bro, keep it tight G’s stop beefing yo! Deeeesssiiiinnnnneeeeee!

  14. fubar- keep doin it dude. when i got back from up the road fubar was everywhere i saw the first few days back. and I remember that pink panther piece under the bridge

  15. Fubar is one of the few cats form south FL who even deserves mention.
    south FL has a very weak graff community. Hate has always been the only form of love around this way. Looks like the streets love you. Fuck the rest.

  16. Fubar keep doing your thing man, fuck all these small little big mouthed chicos from dade. Always have to cry about something from sports to graff it never ends. Keep getting up Fubar and anyone who doesnt like it, suck a fat black ashey dick with aids on the tip.

  17. Fubars the shit. It doesnt matter how much experince he has or what now, what matters is is he talented. & yes he is. Hes actually making a statement to everyone by saying “look at all i can accomplish in just ONE year of painting”. Anyone that has anything bad to say is just a hater. Simple as that. One more thing, not all writers from broward are toy.

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