Interview: BEIS MIB

Thanks for the opportunity. Let us know what you push and how many years in the game.
BEIS: Beis MIB crew, i got serious with painting and understanding the scene around 2005 so i guess a little over 6 years now.
Why haven’t you joined any of the bigger crews here in the area? What do you think about them?
BEIS: I feel like alot of young writers in miami paint hard to one day get the privilige of being put down in a well established crew, then their original crew just kinda fades off… theres nothing wrong with that getting put down gets you more spots and you learn techniques from guys that are willing to take you under their wing. Everyone in MIB has the mentality of making our crew one of those “bigger crews” in the area. I love seeing tight knit crews roll with their letters for years and establish their crew name in the game rather than tryin to come up individually. I feel like my generation of crews needs to start marking their crew names in history. I really enjoy seeing GUKs work knowing their my same age and have still held their name down in the scene for all these years. Ive learned alot from older writers that have given me advice or taken me to paint and im very appreciative of that, if the right opportunity arises to be put down with a crew that would benefit my career and my crews career then why not. Not everyone paints forever, but while my crew is hitting it how they are, then its MIB all day. I have the upmost respect for the bigger established crews here because they did something with themselves that us as a crew are striving to do.
What makes Kendall/SW Miami different from everywhere else?BEIS: Skating rinks, herpes, freaks, and walmart chongas… I havent been in the area too much lately but los verdes is dope. A bunch of palacio de los jugos came up outta no where. From what Ive heard a decent amount of writers came out of the area

How did you and your boys get started?

BEIS: When i was around 11 i had to ride the tri rail to go see my mom. I loved riding in daytime because i would be glued to the window amazed at the tracksides. Seeing REST rollers covering whole warehouses is what stands out the most to me. Fosl and Drama were also names i saw alot riding. I would get off the train and have to bus a few more hours and sketch in my school book trying to mimic those guys. I was so confused on what all of it meant. Back in my neighborhood i saw alot of STV stuff, along with the neighborhood taggers that were up at the time. I started to explore tracksides here in Miami to see similar stuff like i did on the tri rail. The dam wall was one spot i visited alot. Coler and Hush had alot of stuff there that i really was diggin. The whole mystery of it all made me want to do it, i never knew any older writers that showed me the ropes i pretty much did my own research on all of it to try and grasp what this was. So like most kids i was on my bike just trying to catch reck with a few friends. We all had our own minimal painting time before we cliqued up. When i met Keso was when i really got more in depth with it. He showed me alot of spots and helped me develope into a piecer. He had alot more knowledge than i did and he taught me most of what i know.So it came natural for us to push a crew together. Other members came along shortly after and the rest of the story is just years of making sure we all put in work and improve on our techniques. Friendly competion is what we fed off of and kept each other on our toes.
Hardcore, rap, punk, hip hop, showtunes….What are you listening to?
BEIS: Depending what im doing…Anything freight related its classic rock and bluegrass, playing chess its bone thugs cassettes, piecing is mostly hip hop, and sexual intercourse is a mix between 36 mafia and teddy pendergrass.

Chess huh? We’re gonna have to meet up and play sometime. Anything else your into aside from painting and chess?BEIS: Bring your A game! I really enjoy benching. I love having a huge collection of freight train photography whether its graffiti related or not. Im also big into Trail Walking. Me and my boy Lone have a nice collection of cassettes and shark teeth, other than that im just another guy that enjoys boats and hoes.

You’ve got some balance in your game and we all know the differences between painting legally and illegally. What do you think about the current street art movement and what’s going on in Wynwood?

BEIS: Having a good balance is something i always tried to maintain. I like seeing writers that are well equiped in more than one aspect of graffiti. Im enjoying Wynwood for what it is, 004 is around the corner from any wall and its becoming alot easier to get permission for walls over there now. I’m hoping next basel theres alot more letter heads painting rather than the more artsy stuff. I enjoy seeing illegal street art, like the propaganda looking stuff such as stickers and posters. But i’m not to fond of seeing fine art looking walls in that area. It would be nice if we worked on making more areas in Miami look like Wynwood does.
Graffiti is such a vast medium with so many different interpretations. When you paint, can you try and explain what you are trying to get across with your style?
BEIS: I really want to strive to be a top contender in more than jus one side of the game. I dont want to be limited in what i do. At the moment im treally trieing to paint freights, and after traveling alot to find certain freights and paint them as amplified that urge. I feel freight graffiti is a whole other world, and i love being involved with guys that are about putting in numbers. But at the same time i want to be able to drop a piece as loose and wild as i can when needed. Its a hard balance because when im on a freight my style naturally simplifies to be more freight traditional and easier to read when its flying by. As far as piecing goes i want to be well rounded enought that if i had to do a production with a traditional Miami letter head i could, as well as doing a production with a more wilder style of a writer. I try to keep certain signature kicks and extensions in all my work but like you said theres so many interpretations. Honestly right now im just having fun at what i do and ive had fun doing it for years. So as long as thats the case then im fine and however people interpret how i paint is really through their eyes.
Ever try bath salts?BEIS: Never, i was actually offered it back in feburary when i was up near new york, they called it monkey dust over there and some guy had just ripped his nuts off with his bear hands and died from it. My only drugs are whiskey, weed and women!

Unsolicited [no homo] props: Give us a name of a local writer not affiliated with your crew that you think is dope. Why?
BEIS: Thats really hard to choose one…I would have to say Chisme (WH STV). Just because of the fact of how many numbers hes put in its insane, and all the years hes been doing it. Im really big into benching probably as much as painting and i can never have a decent benching session without running across one of his freights. He also had alot of his ch throwups running where i lived when i was younger. But like i said its hard to name one writer… i really enjoy the work that Batse (GUK) has done, hes very well rounded from freights to walls and i run across alot of his trains too when im benching.
Miami Question: HEAT, Dolphins, Marlins, the U, or Panthers? Who are you following?
BEIS: Dolphins and Heat, dont really follow the Panthers but love watchin
Last one’s not a question. It’s a chance for you to speak. Say what’s on your mind that you would like to share with South Florida.
BEIS: Just paint…Have fun at what you do. Keep this alive and while your blessed with your eyes hands and feet use them…put in work.

Shout out to BANE RM for conducting the Interview! – MR. USVSTHEBUFF

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