Interview: Blast GW

Who you is and what set(s) you claim?

Blast GW all day

How long have you been in the game?

Not too long since 06

How did you get your Tag?

Well, Originally it started off with Blasted fucking around with markers back in high school cause I use to stay blasted haha, but in after I graduated I really started bombing and shit cause I wasn’t having to wake up early as fuck, thought I’d shorten it so hen came blast

How did you get in your Crew(s)?

I originally got down in VAS back in 08 by chilling with all of them, them, the crew ended up dying cause I was the only one pushing it by 09, so I stopped pushing it kind of rode solo for a minute, soon after I ended up linking up with able and where, we started hitting the penits up a lot, then got asked to get down.

What writers/crews Influenced you?

Well, when I first started bombing I would see 28, and DTK everywhere, you couldn’t go far without seeing a dnert dtk, or 28 tag any where, a lot of people don’t like DTK, but I give dnert his respect for getting down a couple years back, and the old school 28s who put in work back then too. I remember growing up I use t see mad DAM shit from freek all over my old hood, and phase TE, those niggas ran westchester, and mad respect to TOXIC aka dumpster king at one point of my bombing career lol.

Favorite part and or spot of Dade to paint?

Any spot, as long as I get my shit up.

Would you Rather peice or bomb why?

Bomb all day, I’m not really a piecer, never have been, Its cool to kick it back at the penit with the homies from time to time and practice piecing, but bombing is th best for sure, ultimate rush experience for real.

Favorite thing to paint?

I love hitting solid concrete walls, or green mesh.

Favorite paint?

Rustos all day.

What Music do you jam to while painting?

I jam to the cars speeding by me hah, fucking love that shit, painting while niggas are hitting like 70 mph on the highway and shit.

Best spot you’ve hit?

I’ve hit mad good spots in the past, I don’t care what anyone says. I’ve done shit only very few have done, but the best spot I ‘d say was a boomers, with smerk. We hit an 18 wheeler trailer, whole car, shit was so clean, you could see it from i-95, and on the fucking roller coaster haha, dope for sure.

Have you painted outside of florida, if so whats the best place you’ve painted?

I’ve painted in the bahamas before.

Do you perfer the traditional NY shit or the wildstyle Cali shit?

NY shit all day, nice, and simp.

Have you been roped? if so, how?

I’ve been ropped mad times, fucking pussy ass snitches.

Any good chase stories you’d like to share?

I’ve got a few, One time I was painting the side of the 826 with the homie REP1, we where sitting there painting like if it were a chill ass spot lol, all of a sudden a fucking state trooper rolls up, I thought we were FUCKED, I yelled to rep “DROP TO YOUR STOMACH” so we drop, I look over, and this fucking fag pulled someone over right where we were painting‼ We had to lay on our stomachs for like 30 mins. Another time I was hitting this spot on the 874 with the homie SKAPE, and all a sudden a fucking MDX worker rolls up in his truck shining his lights on us, we were caught red handed, we left our paint, and bucked it, came back three hours later and this fucker was still there, turns out he either didn’t see us, or jsut didn’t give a fuck cause when we got back he was sleeping, so we finished or shit and rode.

What do you think of the graff scene on the internet?

I think it fucking sucks hah, I use to be a internet whore, only brings you problems, just post flciks and stfu, fuck the haters.

Thought’s on Art Basel?

I don’t really care too much about art basel, all it is to me is legal shit, I hate legal shit.

Any words of wisdom for the noobs/toys?

Stay the fuck off the internet, and just do you‼ Fuck what anyone says, as long as you do you, improve, and get up you will always have haters, it lets you know your doing something right.

What sites do you visit to get your graff fix?

Flickr, 12OZ, BS, and USVTB.

Which Kardashin bitch would you bust a nut in?

Haha, probably none, no more kids, please.

Shout outs?

Shout outs to my fam GW, shout outs to the DFC fam, shout outs to everyone out there putting in work, all the old skool heads, shout outs to the haters, and gossipers out there spreading rumors, ohh yeah, and shout outs to motha fuckin US VS THE BUFF holding shit down on the net. cheaaa


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55 responses to “Interview: Blast GW

  1. is this what miami graffiti has come to? interviews on toys. wow. the miami graff scence is most definately a sad one. my favorite part is how they ask about what advice or “words of wisdom” this toy may have for OTHER toys.

  2. every single picture in that blast interview is garbage. the first throwie is done with clash paint and its still garbage. who the fuck does throws with clash montanas or any of that bullshit

  3. when youre done paintin do you step back from your shit and say damn im one raw ass nigga?
    everything you responded in this interview counts against you, cause youre a SNITCH! YOURE A TOY! AND HALF OF YOUR PICS ON HERE ARE LEGAL SHIT! stupid ass GO GET HEAD CRACKED AGAIN FOO

  4. Dude why the fuck you interviewing fucking jits and toys? You need to step your shit up, NONE OF THESE HEADS ARE REAL WRITERS.


  5. I don’t understand these series of interviews. What bothers me the most is that the people who have been interviewed actually think they are worthy of it. What the fuck do we want to hear about Miss Reds and all her boring ass productions, or Leen and Blast who are both fools. I mean Leen has pretty much interviewed himself throughout the years with his stupid rants on bombingscience. And I don’t know much about Jurz, but I do know he definitely doesn’t deserve an interview. I can understand why Tank wanted his interview taken down, not that it was that great to begin with anyway, but that might just be cause these interview questions suck in the first place.

  6. yo fuck boy who the fuck are you to say if someone deserves an interveiw?! haha this nigga jurz got one,he was asked to do it so he did. let these fools keep crushin shit and yall pussies keep typin!!How the fuck you gunna call someone toy who puts in GOOD work!! niggas wouldnt call em toy if you were face 2 face! as far as blast dudes shit is wak as fuck i agree, it should be taken down but keep the real writers outta ya fuckin mouth!!

  7. Who am I? I belong to the committee of peer review. The most important committee who hands down judgment of street credibility! And if you’re going to accept to be interviewed, especially when I think most people would agree it’s premature, then you will be subjected to the scrutiny that comes with such a move!

    Before you get yourself in a flurry and begin foaming at the mouth, you should re-read my comment. I never referred to anyone as a toy, but that doesn’t mean that all non-toys deserve an interview. I just think it’s a matter of personal integrity. None of these people have been smashing long enough, except for lean but he’s a special case (mostly of the basket variety), and there are many other people who have been who wouldn’t even accept to interview in the first place. I mean this should tell you something about the worth of your interview.

    Does somebody like Jurz have potential? I’m inclined to say yes, though I don’t know him personally. The others are w/e. I just believe that an interview should have the audience saying, “oh shit yeah I want to hear what this guy has to say about graff,” and when you have writers who have been writing for decades this is not an easy standard to measure up to, so you can see how it would become something of a joke when you have a series of interviews by people who haven’t been painting that long or painting enough or people that mostly paint legal shit.

    PeePeeLittleStockings, out.

  8. Wow, I never thought these “interviews” would get so much attention. I’ve been dropping dope flicks on this site for the last 7 months and I got just a hand full of comments, while this post has the most comments on the site. If you haven’t noticed, I flick everything, I’m tying to do the same with the interviews. I wanna get artist of every skill level’s point of view. I dont know any of these guys personally and I’ve only asked two for an interview, the others contacted me and asked for one. I’ve never been one to hate and personally I wanted to read what these people have to say, obviously you do too since site traffic has picked up considerably since I stared dropping them. Yeah the questions may not be the best but I’m not trying to be the Larry King of this graff shit, the questions are only as good as the answers anyways. Fuck the politics, if you don’t like someone, that’s fine I’m not saying you can’t hate, but if your gonna talk shit ateast drop a name. Bottom line is that I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing if you got something to say, say it and drop your name, if you don’t want people seeing what you have to say drop me an email. Don’t be discrediting this site just cause of who I interview. Next interview is an older fellow, maybe you’ll like what he has to say……

  9. none of these pussy ass haters dat have bad shit to say,leave their motherfucking name!!!! hating cus they dont get asked to get interviewed or get any attention in da streets..i know blast aingt all dat good at all..but u know what?? he puts in a whole lot of work,compared to all yall pussy’s..ill tell u dat much!!! i go out n see whats up..n hardly no1 is doing shit!!! i been in da game since da early 90s..ive head cracked niggas,ive done all kinds of crazy shit,n im a very respeceted nigga,i aint lieying just ask about me..i mite not have awsome skills,like these artsy fartsy faggs dat run they mouth.but none have real balls…listen art fags!! yall think yall raw,because yall do sum super fancy clean shit,n shit..but guess what??? i look at mags n shit on da internet,n yall bite from every mag n every site…all yall styles are bitten!!! i been around longer then yall,so im more oldskool then yall..meaning yall need to gain respect from niggas like me,n i dont respect none of u artsy fags!! biting bitches!!! yuh im cool with most of yall fags..but in graff wise,i think yall grabage as fuck with no talent…u cant come up with ur own styles,yall bite shit from books n mags,n shit on da net!!! so shut da fuck up…my shit is str8 from da dome,i didnt go to art skool to do dis!! i keep it 100% real!!! i dare one of yall to tell me shit to my face!!! have sum balls n step up! wassup??? ill beat da shit out of yall till ur ass bleads!!! funny how no1 fucks with me or my shit..cus yyall know better!! everybody is scared of me!! n if u aint step up..cus till then yall are all pie n scared of a real gangsta!!! n in my eyes yall are all soft as fuck,when i go to da jam,see it like dis,,in my head im thinking,look at all these pie ass fruity ass nigguhs!!! ima give u da hand cus im a man,but dont think i respect u pies!! real recognize real..n if u real then u know i know u real!! so dis aint to yall! i aint no toy,im a respected sumwhat oldskool nigga,dats always been down from da get go..n those dat trully know me,wouldnt be talking shit about me like i know its yall pie ass niggas with no rank!!! i would mention sum crews dat i think are pie as fuck..but since i know a alot of ppl in these crews,i dont wanna offend them..i se thru yall girly ass fags!!! as a matter of fact,if i never chilled with yall!! fuck yall yall are gay ass fuck n fuck ur moms n i piss on theyre graves!!! fuck ur gay dad’s!! fuck ur whole crew n fam!!! come n test my gangsta!!! im ready for war bitch ass niggas!!!! leeeeee ride!!!! these fags must not know about me huh??? well come n find out,y is it dat every1 fears me! step up n test ur luck!

  10. I don’t think there’s anything necessarily wrong with Blast’s graff in and of itself. Some of these flicks aren’t that bad and some of the spots are pretty tight. I guess it just goes to show the kinda of hater fan base you get when you go online and talk too much shit and mr. usvsthebuff just kinda nailed it. I dunno what kind of a writer asks to be interviewed? It’s just not the way it should be done. It’s like calling yourself a legend. Both of these things are honors that should be given to you by your fellow writers.

  11. well i got asked to get interviewed…soooo im sure every1 else did as well…dont be assuming sure rep1time asked blast if he can interview him too..dats da problem,yall think dat ppl dat got interviewed asked to get not gonna sume dat he got asked..but if i got asked to get sure blast did too..just ask mrusvsthebuff..befor u asume shit

  12. yo i just looked at all of blast’s fliks…foo only 2 pics are legal…wtf is yall talkin about??? yo we’ve all done legal shit..even if we do ilegal then again i know niggas dat only do legal shit..but yet they dont get called bad names… check it..what good is a nigga or crews,dat got fire ass skills..but dont do ilegal shit??????? graffiti should be ilegal not legal…so even if a nigga or crews are super fresh!!! if they dont do ilegal shit n have balls…they get no respect from me…to me ur a toy if u only do legal shit..even if ur da freshest nigga in da world..real shit!!!

  13. blast and miss reds and leen are raw just blast dnt piece like he said leen dnt worry dnt take these hatter make u famous

  14. Yo leen. You do not bomb like you say you do. Your shit’s wack. 2011 guy, step ur shit up. Your throw up was wack back then its wack now. Your hands are tight tho. Your pieces are 2 feet long, real niggas will do a fill in over ur shit with two cans. You havent beaten anybody up. None respects you. Even if they say they do, they still dont and laugh behind your back. Not cause theyre scared of you. But cuz ur pathetic. Your life is wack. Your graffiti sucks. You dress like a bum. You sound like an idiot. Your whole crew sucks. And u have the wackest dudes ever in your crew. but please, dont go anywhere. stick around. your lack of intelligence makes everyone laugh at you. And no, i will not leave a name, so u can keep feeling important and tough like you always do.

  15. i havent beaten anybody up???? u must not really know me then buddy..i ahevnt beaten anybody up in years..u know y?? cus i dont just str8 go up2 any random person n fuck em up,i only beat up mothafuckas dat fuck with me…if u know me from back when i was fucking niggas up n head cracking niggas,u wouldnt say dat shit..n i didnt say i bomb hard..i said i use to bomb had as u gonna say i didnt??? u know i did..dat is if u was around when i was boming da shit out of da beach n lil hav n grove side n hialeah w.e if u know wassup u know what i did..n u know y i dont bomb as hard now…ima grown man with responsibilities..times are hard n got more important shit to do
    n just cus ur pathetic ass laffs behind my back,cus u cant do it in my face..but just cus u do it,doesnt mean others do it..n yes mothafucka niggas are scared of me!!! if u aint scared of me pussy,then state ur name pm me,then..ur a soft bitch if u gotta talk shit n hide.. n about da dressing??? i dress like a bumb to “paint” dats not how i dress to go out moron!!! i have very nice clothes n mad shoes…but im not gonna look pretty to paint u nerd!!! n how is my life wak???? i dont have to work n bust my ass..yet i have mad money to spend on all da drugs ive done,im clean now..but i have money to paint n get fucked up,n take my family out to alot of places..n legit money,cus u never heard about me kids have how do i have a wak life??? i agree with dat i sound like an idiot..cus i am an idiot talkin shit to a bunch of soft fake bitches..n yea u like me being around to intertain y u talkin shit??? cus u obiously like my idiotic talk rite??? n what whole crew sucks???? cus im in various crews.. so wich one u talkin bout???? shit atleast im doing sumthing to help da new generation,i started a crew,wich i passed it down to help da kids come up..sumthing yall dont do,yall just critizise them..n how is it dat i dont have respect..yet im da only nigga dat is in rival crews,yet i can chill with both sides of da game?????? dont talk shit ur hating cus u cant be like me..u cant chill with da other side,u get toyed all da time,n if u get spoted from a nigga from da other side,ull get mopped real quik,un like me,i can go where ever i want n nobody fucks with me,am i rite or wrong?????? dont get my computer shit talkin twisted with how i am in da streets…i just like to talk mad shit on here..but u know damn rite in da streets i aint no idiot..i be on sum other shit..n if sum1 steps up..ill show u who dont beat no1 up!! all u gotta do is come try me to my face..dats would be sumthing real rite there rite?? shit i aint hard to find bitch..i piss on ur dad’s grave bitch!! how bpoit dat,get at me

  16. shit im looking at my throw dont look wak to me…its just nothing out of dis world..n about my pieces..yo its my style its original..i like them sum ppl like them,so its all not much of a piecer anyway,i like bombing n simple shit..n yo its 2011..n every1 dats upgraded,has LA styles..no1 is original…so dats wak!! oldskool niggas respect me more then they respect any artsy fag!! shit im down with real niggas dats all dat matters..fuck all u bitch ass niggas str8 long as i have respect from oldskool niggas,i dont give a fuck bout u fags!! yall niggas aint got it raw like me.. i roll with sum oldskool raw crews dfc n bom!!! fuck dat shit!!! wk is my first crew since’s are my boys! 28 are my homies way back my fam..u know! grove side aok!!! my boys way back when i was a jit!! its all good,i dont know wtf u talkin about?? kod?? shit dats for da future of real street boming!!! im helping them kids out!! nobody helps da kids now,all they do is critise them..shit they look up2 me..i dont know what u talkin bout,cus da new generation look up2 me more then they look up2 most writers…u know what,no matter whAt u or any1 says..i know da truth!! n real recognize real niggas know wassup with me,i get on here for fun..yall just look for my mouth n since i cant fuck u up..i got nothing else to do but write paragraphs if not ima be angry all day!! fuck yall bitch niggas!! da homies dat know me good,know wassuh,i dont even need to explain yo!! pffft when yall step up,then we talkin

  17. funny how no1 ever disrespects me..ever!!! but this whole disrespecting only happens on line,n no names too…dats funny shit!!! shows u whos real n whos not…shit i leave my whos real?? real recognize done here!!! stay on da dick like yall been doing pz!!!!

  18. leen just stop it already, i’m from the 90’s and i never remember seeing leen, kemse, or kems up…EVER ! respect is earned my man, and you typing all over the place about the respect you have makes you look foolish…you should never say you ar respected, OTHERS SAY YOU’RE RESPECTED…this site is dope, these interviews aren’t the type of stuff some of us would like to see but it’s still a dope site by someone who doesnt past judgement on anybody…blast, reds, leen, and jurz should have denied this interview, they are no where near deserving of it

  19. get da fuck out of here nigga ur lieying out of ur fucking ass!!!! bitch ass nigga! either ur not from da 90s..or your just a fucking hater talking shit n u know u swet my shit in da streets!!! bitch ass nigga u probably never went out side ur house!! y da fuck u hating??? every1 has da rite to get interviewed,not just da same nerds dat always get interviewed..real niggas dont talk shit,real niggas congratulate..daw i busted my ass risking shit for so many years! i killed da beach n i killed lil havana..ive hit every city but not killed them..i dpone a lot of shit thru out da years n niggas know it!!! theres just way to much hating going on on dis shit..all yall niggas killed da graff scene..shit was way better when true real niggas was in da game..yall niggas in da game now are all puss ass niggas n hating ass bitches!!! listen i aint bout dat yip yap! y dont u stop hideing behind a screen n be a real nigga n throw sum hands with me??? im calling u out pussy!!! if u dont come n thump u just as fake as all da other shit talkers on here..if u aint ready to thump then keep ur dick sucking lips shut!! real talk!

  20. im not da one dat sits here n talks shit!!! im just defending my self!!! wtf yall want me to stay quiet like im a bitch n shit! i dont talk shit!!! when do u ever see me hating???
    im defending my talkin back..yall da bitches dat talk shit..yo im not up all over n shit like dat now..i know i aint doing shit now…but i did my shit back in da days!! i killed shit,i had real balls dat none of yall have,talkin shit behind a screen,dont even got balls to leave a name!!! yall ahting on me cus im a real nigga!!! dats y only real nigga chill with me!!! when do u see me chillin with fake pie ass niggas huh??? exept for dis one dude dat was always trying to be a round me..da dude aint a real nigga but he was fun to hang with..u know what im saying..but when i do real thangs i only chill with real nigguhs!!! get off da dick ma nigguh!!! let me do ma thang,stop worrying bout me..i got interviewed n dats it,deal with it,u mad cus u didnt get interviewed..every1 deserves an interview nigga,i would understand if it was a paper boy dat dont hit da streets…but da ppl dat got interviewed do put in work..might not be like crook n crome..but they go out n do thangs!! soooo wtf is da hating for????

  21. no no n check dis shit out…its just one nigga dats hating,trying to make it sound like its a bunch of haters…dats da funny part about dis..its just one bitch ass hater…most of da comments are coming form da same ip address..maybe one other hater n dats it..they make it look like its a bunch of niggas talking shit,but most are da same person,i got da ip address,now to find out how to get da person’s address…wait till i find out who it is watch..i hope i find out b4 true elements,ima surprise da fucker when i step up,i dont care if its a nigga i known for a while,dis is not funny..

  22. Buncha hatas on this bitch show some fuckin respect niggas fuck..who cares who the fuck u are if ur so much fucking rawler than request a fucking interview so all this cheap ass talk can be proven

  23. your facts are bullshit!!! i mean if ur from broward n u dont hardly go to miami then i would understand y u never seen me up..cus in da 90s i never did shit in broward..if hardly ever cought tags out there,in fact i mite havejus cought 6 tags out there in my life..but in dade i wrecked for years…ask atomic quake abstrk ask anybody!! dont talk a bout what u dont know..if i never did shit,then how is it dat i know perso nally all these known writers out here…u know what i mean…da majority of da known writers know me,theyll tell ya yea i know leen…shit i even know oldskool heads like da fba’s feel me…so dont say shit like if u know shit..dat aint coo..if u was a real nigga u would show respect or not say shit at all…if u think my shit is wak..yooo dat i accept,cus u aint forced to like my shit..but dont sit here n say i dont put in work n shit like dat,n dat i dont deserve a interview..cus i been around for almost 20 years doing this…i would understand if im a new jack u know

  24. Nigguh if im not real then how is it that i know da real and am da real, huh? How you gonna step up and tell me dat I ain’t real when I know da real and have been wit da real for eva’. If ain’t real den how is it dat all da real nigguhs know who i am and insist on being real wit me by there side,huh? How is it dat a real nigga like me is been real for eva’ and u gonna say I ain’t real? If that’s the truth, then how is it dat I know da real and da real says dat dey are real and I stay knowing them so I must be real too. Huh? How u know bout real when u don’t even say dat I am real?

  25. this is sad.. just sad… a true example of the internet scene and where south florida is heading….

    internet bullshit…
    you really are an internet whore blast, attention attention attention.. you need attention even if you know it’s gonna bring out some negative responses, which you just blame as “hating”

    no wonder smerk doesnt like chillin with u like that anymore..

    stick with spraying hollister cologne, not spray paint

  26. yo this is some bullshit i dont know blast or leen but if i had some shit to say about em. i would do it in even if ur right about them. u aint drop no name or let them niggas know where to come see it looks like they are the real niggaz and yall are all haters ..and the miss red comment was wak home girls raw shit….but anyway i got work to put in and no time for this internet shit..

  27. First off Leen just shut your rock smokin ass up. do yourself the favor toy. every and ANY time you have something to say you make yourself look more and more like a fuckin toy and a complete ignorant idiot. nigga youre WACK. idk who the fuck lied to your face and told you ANYTHING u paint even looks slightly good. just give it up cus how many years have u been writing? and you still get no respect. AT ALL. not to mention the fact that youre a SNITCH also. mayb these lil young jits dont know but the older heads know;) You also may be one of the softest niggas i know. Blast same goes to you. i Remember when ya ex Nicki was alll over my dick telling me how she couldnt stand you and what a joke you are. I recall you also finding out about ur wifey slobbin up my cock n NOT DOIN SHIT ABOUT IT. softee like your girlfriend leen. that girl was a smut anyways. nothin special i hope u dropped that hoe.

  28. yo for 1..u try me but with out even leaving a da shit u said,i can tell ur yacking out of your ass!! u dont know shit about me,n u obiously trying to make my rep look bad.. n for 1..i am respected,i mite not be raw at pieceing,but dats cus dats not my not an artsy fartsy shit is street bombing..n im already a grown nigga n gotta take care of my im pretty much retired from da game..i only catch tags when i have time to be out n about..second off..i been around for many years n know almost every writer..n i do know every single known writer,n they know what im u think by callin me a snitch..ur gonna make ppl think shit about me?? dumb ass..everybody knows i dont get down like dat..its been almost 20 years n no1 can ever say ive be honest with u,i can careless what ppl think about my graff..i dont do it for others i do it to paint cus dats what i like to do..un like all da attention whores dat do it for others..shit i didnt go to art skool or bite niggas from farnce n LA like da majority of miami writers do..shit i was at true elements..n got mad love from dam wh 7up,n every1 else there..y is it dat in person every 1 shows me mad love n respect..but on da internet,its allways shit talkin…ooooh ooh wait wait..i know y…its because u envy da fact dat im loved n respected n ur not..no1 knows u or cares who da fuck u are..yea dats what it is..sum niggas hate da fact dat im not all dat good,but yet im 1 of da most known niggas in miami..n i can chill with both sides of da game n have no problem going to a msg event n i can go to a stv event n its all good..n yall cant do dat..ahh i see already what dis is about..its obiously a big amount of envy..cus ur mad dat i have a good rep,n dat every 1 shows me respect n love,n im very known..n ur not..n u cant stand da fact dat i know dis..u want me to feel like shit n feel bad,u hate dat u think dat i feel raw as fuck..u dont want me to feel like dat,u want me to feel like shit n feel worthless..dawg nothing u or any1 can say will make me feel wothless n bad…cus i know da truth n i experience da love n just shut da fuck up..n get of da aint my fault ur a real pussy n get no respect or recognition..maybe if u kept it real,u would be raw like me buddy..n i dont smoke crack u fucking nerds,dont asume shit feel me..n to top it off,yall act like saints..acting like yall dont sniff roxies n take bars n suck dick while on dat boy..coke snorting fags…dont critizise me like yall sum clean sober fucks str8 up!!! n u know damn rite i aint soft..niggas from my times know what ive done..i have plenty of stories to tell n others do to,they know n been with out u just got burned bitch!!! i leave my name when ever i got sumthing to say..n im da pussy??? i believe da pussy is da shit talker dat doesnt leave a name,who agrees??? pussy step up like a real gangsta or shut up

  29. funny shit is cus of u idiots dat talk shit..i waste my time writing shit on here..n then it makes me look like an idiot n it makes me look like i talk alot of shit..but da funny shit is dont ppl see dat u fucks are da ones dat make me write shit on here n on bombing science??? if not i wouldnt be writing shit feel me…n u aint one to be talkin shit..u dont know me like dat to say im a pussy or a snitch..da oldskool heads do know wassup,n no1 talks shit bout u want danewskool heads to think bad about me by ur stupid comments,but see real recognize real,n no matter what hatting as shit u or any1 says..real recognize real..ur da nerd dat looks like a dumb ass,when da oldskool heads read what u wrote about me..ur da nerd dats gonna look fake!! duck ass nigga..its stupid fucks like u,dat make me talk shit n then be named mouth of da south!! when all da shit talkin i do is defending my self!!! other then dat im a humble nigga n have positive shit to say always..n da funny shit is dat its only one or 2 heads dat keep talkin shit,making it look like a lot of ppl dont respect me..yet im not being disrespected cus da nigga disrespecting aint leaving a name,meaning ur a nobody! so im still respected until then

  30. peace n love 4 the game…stop the internet shit talking its not good 4 the soul of graffiti in dade…leen deserves props like anyone else pushing shit, its us vs. the buff….not us vs us…nuff said

  31. well since i know who one of da niggas dat disrespected me is seeb…seeb ur ass is mine..i cant wait to get my hands on you!!! oh man..dis is gonna be fun!! been a while since i get to bash sumones face in..yo im gonna destroy u kid!! da only way ill only beat ur ass once,n not every time i see u,is if u tell me who are da other haters talkin still gonna knock ur head off when i catch u..but ill only do it one time,if u tell me who da other faggots are..if u dont..well u better leave florida..i aint gonna kill u,cus i dont wanna be in prison for a long time..specially over u running ur mouth..but i am gonna moliwhop ur ass..nobody told u to run ur dick sucking lips!! dats what happens when u talk shit out ur mouth..i dont acept no disrespect!!! i dont care how much u beg,or cry!! its on pussy nigga!!! ima find u..n i will! its a small world! see ya soon punk

  32. niggas shut da fuck up real quik huh??????? yea dats what i tought puss ass niggas!!!! i do find out shit quik!!! i dont play dat shit!!! i still cant wait to get dis shit talking ass nigga!!! u dont disrespect me n get away with it!!! i dont forget shit!!!

  33. tis dude should pair up with leen, both are dripping with booty juice with a large side order of wackness

  34. Leen went full-retard, and incinerated any last shred of whatever legitimacy he had based on his handful of not-exactly-burners from the “90’s.” More like the late 90’s, the extremely late 90’s, aka 2000. Twitter implemented 140 characters specifically for people like dat headkrak thuggish ruggish lean. The real mystery is how “your” o.g. Kemse WK piece is average level clean and stylish for the time, but now with special graffiti paint you put up a bunch of shit that looks like a bad Whie bite mixed with a really crappy impersonation of AIM crew styles. Even Blast could probably crank out something better, haha.

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