Interview: LEEN DFC BOM WK 28

Who you is and what set(s) you claim?
leenrock dfc bom wk ch gw 28 kod aok

How long have you been in the game?
I started writing in 1993 but started getting up in the streets in can in 1995

How did you get your Tag?
I met a writer that use to write leeno..he was up around my neighborhood back in 93 n i was just a paper writer,but i looked at his tags everywhere,n he was my homeboy’s big brother,so i met him,n he showed me his sketch book..n i told him i wanted to tag like i decided to tag leen..n bite his style,but on books n shit once i took it to da walls,i created my own i had changed my tag to kemse,but every1 was always calling me lean so i went back to writing leen,my first tag

How did you get in your Crew(s)?
well i grew up with the wk’s,theyre my familiy rite there..i chill with a lot of ppl,n mostly they are all writers.. so i just got asked if i wanna join da clique..except for bom crew..i actually said yo ive always liked bom crews work, i dont mind getting down,let me know and eye pres of bom,just asked me let me see ur work,i showed him pics,n he said ur in forsure..but other then that crew,all the other crews im in,are my homies,n they just put me down just like that

What writers/crews Influenced you?
well i was born in jersey,and i lived in new york,when i was da tags i saw all over the place influenced me but when i really got into it…the crews dat influenced me,were dme dfc 7up  ihs aim dam bsk nfl nbc swc aok aa we haf mtk ha tsc msg stv wh ung cbs kmg kbt dmt imk ack thc tco atw hiv, and the writers were, felos leeno dneee jive ce4 deez teez profit floe alroc oil btrae tmpt tue tare hoax loon kunseal jae jerk slick loser kepos smash deed each crome, theres a bunch i cant remember rite now lol but there was a bunch at da time, imagine im talkin bout the 90’s..all writers was up everywhere,so all that bombing was a major influence, but i named the main ones

What part of Dade do you rep?
I rep the grove side and little havana..those are my hoods where i always have chilled at

Favorite part and or spot of Dade to paint?
my favorite is the tracksides, any tracksides

Would you Rather peice or bomb?
nigguh what! i rather bomb!!! i love that rush!!! boming at like 8pm n shit,cars passing n u get this feeling like wow this is crazy inside!! haaaa dats a fucking rush!!! i rather bomb fosho!! but i gotta paint atleast once out of the week,shit is mad fun too

Favorite thing to paint?
walls on tracksides n penits are my favorite,but i like painting anything

What Music do you jam to while painting?
i jam to oldskool shit when i paint..even freestyle music,planet rock n shit..dats y i piece oldskool,i get into dat funk lol

Best spot you’ve hit?
all the roof tops ive hit are best!! mostly on coralway and on us1 but back in da late 90s early 2000’s also on 27ave by little havana i miss them good old days!!!

Have you painted outside of Florida, if so whats the best place you’ve painted?
naw i havent..i will eventually

Do you perfer the traditional NY shit or the wildstyle Cali shit?
traditional NY!! cus thats what i first saw when i was a kid..but i like traditional miami shit!! dfc n inkheads type shit late 80s early 90s style!!

Have you been roped? if so, how?
yo ive gotten roped since the handed every time..but the last time i got roped,sum1 droped dimes on me,told them where i stay at,n bout my guns!! when they took me they had a video of the store i i couldnt deny it..n da popos didnt wanna tell me who droped dimes..

Any good chase stories you’d like to share?
haaaa i got a few,but i rather not say those cus i dont need da cops to know it was me they was chasing when they happened gotta be on the safe side..but they where graff related lol…but theres this one,i was bombing with my bro,n there was this car parked next to the wall,it was a security getting sum head as i was finshing da trow up,buddy steped out da car,n said yo are u taging my wall???? i told my bro,yo wtf? u dont know how to look out,y u didnt tell me buddy was there he said i didnt see him,so as buddy is walking upto me,i yelled what nigga!!!! n walked to him,buddy turned around n said police is already on his way!! i said oh shiiiit!!! so we jumped in da whip,when buddy saw that,he jumped in his whip,so as i back up into the main ave,hes making a u turn,i hall ass n i was drunk n shaded,buddy starts chassing me man i went thru an alley goin like 70..n buddy stoped,that nigga probably said fuck this,these kids are crazy!!! he couldnt catch up..n i came out the same block,that i did the trow up,n as i kept driving,i saw 3 cops go there,i thought they was gonna follow me,but i was already on coralway,so they didnt really think it was me,with a few cars that was passing
i got away,but i kept bombing that night lol

What do you think of the graff scene on the internet?
well i get to see shit that i dont get to see all the time..but i hate it..cus kids are biting writers styles from around the world,and they paint theyre backyard walls n put a flick up..niggas aint doing it like back in the days..without internet sites..writers were more original,even tho we had magazines to bite too..the thing is the internet graff is eazy fame in other words

Thought’s on Art Basel?
to me is the best time of the year..cus writers from everywhere are painting here,plus i get to paint in wynwood every art basel..its a fun time

Any words of wisdom for the noobs/toys?
i got a lot to say..but thats to much to write lol..but uh, just bomb hard!!! kill da streets,respect the oldskool writers,respect n earn respect.. defetnetly no snitching!!! ull get a bad rep thru out ur whole graff career stop acting hard over the net,n then when ur face to face with the person,dont bust out with naw man no beef,that was just internet shit! thats soft as fuck yo just have heart n balls n bomb the fuck out of the city!!! i rather see wak tags everywhere,than clean walls loll..if u wanna be a legend like me,just bomb,paint,keep it real,just be ur self,when ur your self..u get respect n recognition better n faster..if ur a new writer..dont make up mad stories,to get recognition..eventually as time goes by,n ur in the game for years..youll have stories to tell..

what sites do you visit to get your graff fix?
yo i just go on miamigraffiti..bombing science,n usvsthebuff thats it homie str8 up lol
Which Kardashin bitch would you bust a nut in?
shit ill fuck them bitches raw dawg!! ill bust in courtney kim n courtney nigga!! shit even da mom can get it!!!
Shout outs?
shout outs to the oldskool!!! if it wasnt for the oldskool i wouldnt be here!!!! n everybody bombing the streets!!!


48 responses to “Interview: LEEN DFC BOM WK 28

  1. theres always a hater! that has to hate!! leen aka kems!!! killed all of south beach from 2000 to 2005..the most respected nigga in the graff game,no1 has ever had the balls to beef with!! up in every city from 95 to 2005,ppl grow up,so slow down..but for being 30 still in da game bombing!!! thats a legend to me..y are u hating??? cus no1 interviewed u??? cus no1 cares who u are? no matter how much work u put up??,leen probably da only writer that can chill with both sides of da niggas in da game?? who else can be cool with both sides??? legend n da best are to different things.. every motherfucking writer knows leen,or has heard about leen,true or false??? does any1 ever have anything bad to say about leen??? leen has the best rep in miami,never snitched,never backstabbed anybody,nobody ever toys him,everybody respects big leenrock!!! as a matter of fact,no1 actually says their name when they got sumthing bad to say bout leen…soooooo any negative shit sayd about str8 up hating envious shit,coming out of a nobody important’s mouth!!! instead of hating do something ur self!! n be a known writer or w.e da fuck u are!! pz!!!

    • “leave a name”—————????????????????
      and social security dob home address, phone number contact??

      lucas how fucking stupid are you??
      why the fuck do interview “yourself” and create this fucking fake image of a “graffiti writer” so millions of people read it and read how you “write like you speak” YOU are the one promoting the fucking bullshit image that another “you” claims to hate.” Nigaggagagagag nigga nigga niggaa,” “i ain’t no rich bitch” “leeeeeen”
      You are still playing this class warfare bullshit ???
      How about real fact list of exactly just what was the daily struggle of the writer behind all these writers?? he chose to become a writer. don’t make excuses homie!!! your old man had a nice little pad near braddock, property, real estate, etcetera, sounds like lots of opportunities, that the “other writer” ..”dek” you interviewed over on asks “why do they do graffiti, when they have so many more opportunities?” , well, we ask YOU, LUCAS, the writer behind the writers, ======= why?

      Let’s cut it straight- Graff life” or whatever you want to fucking call is a luxury! when you design a website called the daily struggle and fill it with graff and “la lucha’ you are insulting, people who really struggle and don’t even have the time to play your syenology nonsense graff game?– Take a random person on the street and pitch them your “for the community” bullshit mix with graffiti , ask them what they think about graffiti??? “The community ” to you means whoever you’ve been able to sell your hype of “graff lyfe” to and you have them down as a lifer in “respect ” dog, “RESPECT FOR WHAT?” for having a little machine with sounds coming out that you turn the knob this way and that , DAILY, filling peoples MINDS with NOISE, NONSENSE, only to turn around and attempt to promote a “healthy, zen, like tranquility-life”
      kaos??” oh, but chaos by lucas rules..”Don’t write on trees yo?” “no the tag name you no me as doesn’t but tonite I will make another tag name, that does just that” so everyone thinks there is a battle going on and its just me, nothing better to do, driving around, dirty ethics”…
      “the daily struggle” really??, you have to figure out which car to drive out to go spot checking at 10:30 am, what parking spot to park near the bus stop so you can walk over and tag the sign?

      YOU ARE A FUCKING JOKE, worse.

      Writing history? huh, yup, sounds like a whopper to me big boy!!

    • ^– “coming out of a nobody important’s mouth!!! instead of hating do something ur self!! n be a known writer or w.e da fuck u are!! pz!!! “””

      I looks like if a person is not on his jock that person is nobody important.
      Interesting. WHAT the FUCK WOULD YOU BE DOInG iF a “NOBODY” had NOT CREATED a AEROSAL cAN you FUCKING misinformed, idiotic pARASITE .

  2. yo im no legend because others put more work??? it aint just about who puts more work then who..if i didnt put in work at all or just started da other day,id understand..but i been bombing hard since da mid a bomber..i aint no rich artsy fartsy fag dat has money to buy cheating ass do pieces constantly..i rocked a piece with painters touch n americas finest,back in those i didnt take pics of my shit,cus i didnt do it for da fame,i did it for da eye to see..not for da cheap internet probably 1 of da only motherfuckas dat has kept it real 100% unlike all these snitches n pussy ass niggas!!! dat cant take da beef or da heat..real talk rite there..i been around bombing shit da fuck up for almost 20 years..u cant come on here n hate n say i aint a legend..maybe to u i aint..but to others i very respected n loved by many..n my name isnt da only thing actually really known in person..not not just meet ppl..i know ppl personally for years n chill with mad heads..not cus of graff,cus of knowing ppl,n hanging out..getting fucked up n shit..yo seriously dont hate on me ma nigga..if u aint got nothing nice to say,get da fuck off my dick..keep ur toughts to ur self..n if u got sumthing bad to say,say it to my face or state your fucking name..atleast i have balls to state my name when i say shit..ill split any of yall mothafucking haters,come test my gangsta what it do

  3. Hahah man this is ridiculous. Is this whole site a joke? Did april fools come early this year? Leen a legend? Holy shit now i’ve heard it all…

  4. y dont u state ur name faggot??? i believe if i been around for almost 20 years,n im probably da only writer that has balls to head crack niggas..n i been crushin as kems n leen all over da fuckin place for so long!!! i think i deserve to be called a legend..not these artsy fartsy biting ass niggas….y is it dat u dont think im a legend???? because i dont come out on books????? maybe dats cus im not a rich bitch..i keep it underground..dats what graff is about!!! secret ninja shit..not trying to get cheap fame on a book.. i dont see none of dat shit in person

  5. i mean shit if i was a nobody u know..but i been around for almost 20 years doing dis,n im 30 n still active…i know atomic,crome,crook,etch erock other words i know a whole lot of known writers,personally not just ppl i met,no a known as nigga for a reson..maybe dats cus i been doing my mothafucking thang dont u think??? if i know soooo many known writers,i must be doing sum hard work.. yo i didnt just start da other day..i been in dis game for a long as time…i been a ruthless ass nigga..every1 ive ever had beef with squashed it so fast!!! nigga im a gangbanger fuck niggas i dont play dat shit..dont get shit twisted just cus i was talkin mad shit on bs..i was on heavy drugs…n stayed away from da streets for a bit..i was just retarted on drugs..but im clean now n back in action,n ready for war when ever fuck niggas!!! i leave my name!! n i show my face! yall niggas hide behind a screen n talk shit!!! maybe i am a legend,since i have real balls,on like yall,think about dat!!!

  6. Leen, I have a question for you split into two parts. First part, what are your thoughts on gay rights and gay marriage? Second part, would you ever be with a guy romantically?

  7. listen cuh..i got asked to get i sayd yea y not..fuck it..maybe da newskool would like to know stuff about me so y not…if da questions dis nigga ssked are lame..fuck it dats not my problem..critize him not me..n im a writer..i can care less about gay shit or gay marridge..dats not my problem,not my life so i dont give a fuck!!! i mean i dont like it,i think its sick! but aside from dat..ur a homo for not having balls n puttin ur fucking tag instead of anonimous..when ever i got sumthing to say i drop a name..u know y??? cus i got heart n balls!!! n funny shit is..i know almost everybody in da mimai graff da funny shit about dis is most of yall talking shit about me,know me personally..dats y i dont paint with none of u fags..i only paint with real niggas..ive bombed with blast,n i know yall think hes fake n all dat..but to me da homie is more real than u fags dat talk shit behind a screen..real talk..yall sum hating ass bitches dat even tho yall are sooo raw n skilled..yall dont get respect or any credit for shit!!!! so yall work soooo hard on what yall do to get respect n be da shit..n yet no1 cares about ur work or who u are or wt u do…dats yall problem!!! so what if sum niggas are wak..its da heart n balls n work they put in,dat counts!!!! i dont know if im a legend or sum i am n to sum im not..i dont give a fuck,im still doing my thang n dats what counts!!! same goes for any wak writer dat puts in mad work!!! real niggas dont talk shit,real niggas congratulate for putting in work,or just dont say shit!!!! real talk fake ass nigguhs!!! have knogldege of dat..i speak wisely…if u have shit talking to do..think about ur self,n know to ur self dat u aint real,n dat ur a hater..u envy da fact dat ur better then me n who ever else u talk shit about..but yet u dont get da respect n recognition u deserve..n we do…so shut up n be real..when ur real ull get what u want!!! im serious as fuck too

  8. nigga ill smoke ya weed nigga. nigga i be sayin nigga ah DAY son. YOU KNOW HOW I DO, NIGGGGGA. I roll deez nutz wiff ma nigga, shit is banana my nigga. You ’bout to know what tha DEAL is, my nigga-nigga. You know what it iz. Nigga I be sayin Nigga Like aint No Nigga like a nigga naaamean? My nigga! Niggaz be all up on my balls rollin like a nigga up in the anus of the nigga wit the nigga yo.

  9. well..i still dont see a nigga having balls to talk shit under their name…so i dont care what any of yall gotta say! cus yall niggas dont even have balls to say it,n state ur dat means im wasting my time with sum soft ass bitches.. dats y i am king!! im a real nigga,i write my name when ever i talk shit!!! real nigga shit feel me!!! so if u dont state ur name..then u prove ur self as a soft bitch..yall real niggas see dis shit???? niggas talk shit behind a screen but dont leave their name?? wak ass toy ass niggas haaaaaaaaaaaaa if u dont state ur name n talk shit..u aint shit..n ur comments dont mean shit..aint dat da truth??? coments coming from a real nigga with they name not anonimous what really count..rite or wrong??? im out dumb fucks!!!

  10. 50 percent of your pics here are at penits and chill track sides. you even have a throwup at a penit. the other 50 percent are simple little hollows. The pieces are straight, but there’s nothing remarkable about the bombing. you need to tighten up dawg and learn how to really rock spots. pero like really rock tu sabes? u spend enough time on the net why don’t you shimmy your way over to some graff sites and take notes or some shit? Don’t bitch at me about “hating” you put urself out there with this interview and continue to respond to comments so take the criticism.

  11. I for one would like to know more about Leen’s drug addiction, like the evolution of it. Leen seems like a very marketable personality and with the right publicist I think he could be famous!

  12. first off….those pics are pics dat ppl have tooken n sent to me…i dont flik my shit,only my dont talk,its what i do in da streets..just cus u see pics of penits n chill track sides,doesnt mean dats all ive done…ive done heavens in da 90s..i did mad roof tops,ive done daytime fillins in front of everybody at 5pm..ive climbed billboards..ive done shit no motherfucker has done yet!!! ur going by da pics dat i have..niggas dat use to see me up back in da days,know what kind off shit ive done..u must be a new jack..i even bombed da shit of a police station like in 2001..ive busted my balls n gotten locked up plenty of times,n never snitched,unlike everybody else,dat have..nigga ill go bombing with u in broad day lite,i bet u wont even last one minute with me..if i fliked all da shit ive done,u wouldnt be talking shit..i had fliked a few thangs back in da days..when ever i had a cam with me,wich is hardly..n then da popo rushed my crib in 2004 or 5 n took all my pics…u must not be from da 90s not to know how hardcore i bombed!!! n u know what? im fucking 30 years old now n have kids..u think i sould be out there bombing all da time n getting busted n paying fines or i should be at home safe on da computer taking care of my fam????? cus dats y i be on here alot..cus im at home with my family..u know,i do gotta buy diapers n food n have a roof over my kids head…n if i get fines n locked up…how am i gonna take care of my fam?? u know,n still i bomb shit..not as hard..but atleast i still catch 3 or 4 tags almost everyday..i aint no lil kid with no responsibilties,dat can go all out,n get bailed out by mommy..put ur self in my shoes…besides graffiti i have a real life..i did do sum hardcore ass bombing,i killed shit as kems more then as leen..those arte all pics from 2006 till now..i dont have pics of what i did back in da days when i did destroy shit,i use to hit da crazyest spots dat i dont see any1 having balls to do now a days..dats y u talking sshit,cus u looking at these pics n u werent around when i was da man111 maybe u should do ur research..dont judge from da pics..n check my history..ive bombed more then any of these mothafuckas..ur just from these times,n in these times i dont do much..but i already told u y..

  13. yo im clean now a days..yea i was an addict..but i know a whole bunch of mothafuckas dat are on da same tip..sooo dont come with dat bullshit over here critizing bout me bein on shit..niggas wanna act like saints n shit…look at dis duck ass dick puller talking shit bout a pinecone n shit..i know yall niggas just looking for my mouth..yall enjoy me talkin shit,i know! but dat just shows yall niggas love my style,yall niggas know im da rawest character in miami!! funny shit is,i know yall dont leave a name,cus i know yall niggas,funny shit is dats how fake yall bitch niggas is,i know yall niggas know me personally..yall niggas be around me,yall niggas have chilled with me..yall niggas look up2 me…but then yall come on here talk shit bout me..dats mad wak…check it none of da comments a nigga dat dont leave a name count…da only comments dat count are da ones coming out of real writers..n no real writer has said shit bad about its all good..

  14. Yes excuse me, I have a question for LeenRock. Leen how do you feel about eating pussy? Do you really really like it or do you do it for the girl mostly? Also, are you down with rim jobs? Do you like eating the girl’s asshole too? Also LeenRock, do you ever let a girl finger or lick your asshole?

  15. funny how no1 ever disrespects me..ever!!! but this whole disrespecting only happens on line,n no names too…dats funny shit!!! shows u whos real n whos not…shit i leave my whos real?? real recognize done here!!! stay on da dick like yall been doing pz!!!!

  16. LeenRock, have you ever painted a billboard or a rooftop? I’m new to the game so I’m just wondering if you’re really really real or if you’re just like not that real, but if you’re telling me you did a billboard then I dannah…I mean i just dannah. cuz I ain’t ever scene eet. You painted a billboard do’ ????

  17. man all yall niggas hatin on my dawg leen and worst of all no names yall mothafuckas jst hatin n a bunch of str8 up pussys none yall dare leave a name cus u will get head crackd fool not jst by leen nigga ill headcrack u myself all yall niggas do is tlk shit on tha net cus yall aint got tha balls to say it to a niggas face n why u hatin on him cus hes done more shit den any of u have? dam show respect mothafuckas KOD NIGGA!

  18. cuh..ofcourse ive done billboards n i done a lot of rooftops…but this was back from da 90s till like 2004…i havent done a rooftop since or a bill board since..i have a bad experience from rooftops,dat i dont think ill go on one ever again..n cus of dat,dats probably y i dont clib shit anymore..but so what,i dont need to clib shit to prove a point..i still bomb on da bottom alot more then others do…i dont go so hard now a days,cus im a grown man n have responisibliities,n i got real shit to pay..un like those fines if i get busted..but still i catch tags when ever i can,still!!! n im about to retire from da game anyway..i dont need da headache,to many snitches!! n im tired of dealing with da popos rushing me for dis bullshit

  19. yo i dont take them to da heart..just sum of them are a lil outta line,niggas be acting like they know shit!! they better do they research!!!

  20. u shouldnt be wasting ur time with these haters.FUCK THAT SHIT!ur probly up in more place then theyll get up in there life!stay up and tight work

  21. yo its just a fucking interview,from an active writer dats been in da game for almost 20 dis aint about being a legend or 1 of da bestest ever..this nigga is just interview miami niggas,dat he feels like interviewing..y da fuck are niggas hating on dat??? shit i know i aint da best or nothing..but wtf,u know what im saying,every1 should have a chance to talk n share sum experience on line,feel me? dis shit aint just a bout crome n atomik n gsouth n jel feel me…for example u know…theres a lot more writers dat do they thang..yall only wanna dick pull n here bout da same writers over n over..lame as niggas is what yall is..yall aint real writers if u think like dat,close minded n shit..w.e yall must be newskool..cus every1 dat was around in da 90s till now know whayt ive done n who i am..just cus ive slowed down n dont do much,or dont come out on books,dont mean i never did shit..n cus i dont have a million cus dsa popos took them from me,n second cus i didnt take pics till recently…i never tought about taking pics,i let da streets see my shit!

  22. Leen’s a legend to all the haters that don’t wanna give him that kind of fame.. Cause he’s taking your spot.. stop hating and learn from this nigga!

  23. Cmon leen why u wasting ur time on these pussy ass niggas..hatas wanna hate let em hate just do ya thangg mah niggaa just like u been doing it..real niggas know who u are pussy niggas talk shit..LEEN.MISTICK.DCB.KOD. Find a nigga up in tha streets fuk is cheap.there’s always gonna be haters that’s how u kno u doing things right..

  24. no no n check dis shit out…its just one nigga dats hating,trying to make it sound like its a bunch of haters…dats da funny part about dis..its just one bitch ass hater…most of da comments are coming form da same ip address..maybe one other hater n dats it..they make it look like its a bunch of niggas talking shit,but most are da same person,i got da ip address,now to find out how to get da person’s address…wait till i find out who it is watch..i hope i find out b4 true elements,ima surprise da fucker when i step up,i dont care if its a nigga i known for a while,dis is not funny..

  25. yo i mite not be shit or mean shit to sum of yall..but to others i mean a lot n im respected n considered a legend..everybody has their own opinion of what they think about me..shit i get a whole lot of pm’s on bs from a lot of respected n known writers,n they give me my respect n props…also they tell me to stop talkin shit on bs n on here cus im making my self look bad n ppl aint gonna take me serious..n dats 60% of da writers dat are known n i know damn real da 2 niggas hating are sum lame motherfuckas dat dont get respect or props,n dont even know me or from around my way,to be shit talkin like u can see,no namers are talkin shit…now if u see a nigga like crome or rumor for example,drop a bad comment about me..then dat would really mean sum shit…but yall no namers??? pfffftttt!!! im not mad nomore,after all da pm’s i got from real niggas,they showed me,dat they know whats good with me,n da newskoolers dat commented on here,looked im good!! yall just envying dat im on da spot light on usvsthebuff..n dis is giving me more fame..yo if u dont like my interview..yall dont have to fucking read it,just wait for da other interviews feel me..lame ass hating ass niggas..shit n im just defending my self,i dont talk shit..i speak da truth..real niggas know!

  26. All I know is that all them new writers coming out now, that say they been around since the Mid 90’s and what not are wack ass fuck a bunch of toys and wanna bee gangsta’s!!! Fuck this Wack-Ass site with nothing but Dick-Pullers and suckers….

  27. i dont know if ur refering to me,but i been bombing since da mid 90s..i didnt write leen dat much..i mostly got up as kems..n if u dont believe me,u can ask anybody dat was doing dis in da mid 90s,u can ask atomic erock dzee who ever..n ima grove side,n kicked it wit lbb n originally a gangbanger b4 a writer..i got down with dat gang banging shit,all dat grand theft auto n n all dat shit dat goes down as a gangsta,n every body knows i always kept it real..dont talk shit if u dont know me..shit im 30 years old,i aint with dat lil kid wanna be gangsta a grown as man..n i have done sum hard core shit,n i dont mean graff wise..n im still down to bust a nigga head any day..dont believe me step up n test my gangsta,other then dat dont talk..actions speak loder,know what i mean

  28. yo check dat dis shit stops..those of yall dat know me,know how i am n how i act n what i do n am about..i dont be going around acting like im better than anybody,i dont think im da best or da shit,i dont go around saying im a legend,or hot shit n deserve shit..i act cool n down,n i dont treat anybody like toys..i treat every1 with respect n im always down to teach a new bee..i dont critizise no1 not even toys..back in da days..i had a teen mentality n grew up with gangbangers,so i wanted to stand out n show da world dat im a gangsta n to get respect,i head cracked niggas n robbed theyre paint at penits,n acted mad hard n tryed everybody including cops..but im a grown man now,n im coo n dont do none of dat..unless sum1 fucks with me or toys my shit..then ima act with violence n i will bust a nigga head real quik!..i still ghave my balls n im bout w.e n ready for w.e..ive never been known to be a snitch,n ive never been known to be a pussy..i have a very good rep,cus i always have kept it 100! theres no need for ppl to envy me or talk shit bout me,for no reason..i always been respected..reason y is cus ive always come correct..those of yall dat havent kicked it with me or never met me..da day u do..youll have a different opinion on me bout what yall have said on super down n super cool..all these wak comments shouldnt be said about me,when i havent fucked with any1..n i do my thang,i put in work,i roll with a bunch of crews,n im down to paint with any1 even da wakest toy..what ever happened to just keeping it real??? fuck da fact dat others are better than me or put in more work than me…atleast i keep it real!!! aint dat good enuff??? i aint no paper boy..ive bombed alot thru out my life..n at my age i still go out on y all this hating ass comments??? when yall chill with me n kcik it with me..then u can say w.e u want..but dis is bullshit..all i did was answer sum questions for usvsthebuff..n yall trying a nigguh for no reason feel me talkin mad shit on here,n i make my self look like an idiot..shit if i look like a idiot..imagine what yall looking like writing all dat shit talking dat yall doing feel me? atleast when i talk i talk real ass shit feel me?

  29. yo ive never been disrespected in my live..i always had respect aint no1 ever talked shit about me…as a matter of fact,dis culture wasnt about shit talking..yea there was beef n shit..but there wasnt no shit foaming out da mouth!!! we toyed n got toyed back..for certain reasons..n we fought!!! dats how shit use to be..there wasnt all dis shit talking…so dis whole shit has happened now a days..with these newskoolers..da newskoolers fucked dis culture up..all they do is talk shit n critizise n act all big headed..n to top it off aint none bout shit!! i take dis culture very serious..n yall come out of nowhere,thinking yall hot shit..with ur bitten ass styles!!! u can clearly see dat yall bitting from cali n newyork n other places..i mean we do have internet u know??? we look at everything…yall jits are not original at all..get ur own fucking styles!!! n stop running ur dick suckers,n first of learn how to respect!!!! dis culture is more about respect n props then anything..more important than skills,its respect!!! just cus u got skills n ur piece looks dope,doesnt mean ur not a toy!!! u need years n rep built up,b4 u can think ur not a toy anymore!! besides,just cus u dont think ur a toy,doesnt mean others dont me yall still toys if yall havent been in da game long enuff…to have knogledge,n realize,dat da most improtant thing in dis RESPECT!!!


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