Interview: Miss Reds AM7 004

Who you is and what set(s) you claim? missREDS – AM7 004

How did you get your Tag? Wow lol, here we go… Back in highschool I had my hair dyed radiant red.  I had on red shorts, red reeboks, red drawstring backpack, and red ribbon on my hair. So after running the mile, my cheeks were super red, and one of my boys looks at me and yells “you look like a Red Crayon!!” Everyday after that, he’d call me RED, so it stuck.

How did you get in your Crew(s)?
One random night I got hit up by Tackz. He liked my work, we spoke for a bit & next thing you know im pushing AM7.

What writers/crews Influenced you?
KOI-MSG-IH were a major influence, brought up in Carol City & East Hialeah, it’s all I ever really saw. Crome was one that stood out the most to me. Later on as I learned more about the scene and saw more writers I was majorly influenced by Dare’s (R.I.P) style.

What part of Dade do you rep? Hia Fuckin’ Leah!!

Favorite part and or spot of Dade to paint? Tracksides!!

Would you Rather peice or bomb? Piece all day! I think it’s a bit obvious, my name isn’t plastered on every corner.

Favorite thing to paint? Tracksides like I mentioned & Girls.

Favorite paint? Beltons & Beat.

What Music do you jam to while painting? Florida Hardcore, Underground Hip-Hop, & Dubstep.

Best spot you’ve hit? When i first started painting, a rooftop over on 49 street.

Have you painted outside of florida, if so whats the best place you’ve painted? Yeah, a few other places. So far I’d say Medellin, Colombia.

Do you perfer the traditional NY shit or the wildstyle Cali shit? i lean more towards the Cali shit.
Have you been roped? if so, how? A few times, and all the times there was no where to run cause i got rushed by cops in there cars.

Any good chase stories you’d like to share? One  time it was a few of us painting in the yard & we got spotted by workers on both ends of the tracks who then started running after us with flashlights & yelling “THERE THEY ARE!”. We had to run across like 4 lines, jumping/climbing between trains, running with a loaded bag of paint ain’t easy let me tell you, cans were flying everywhere!

How long have you been in the game? Just About 5 years.

What do you think of the graff scene on the internet? too much shit talking no enough action! people get brave on here. but its good exposure.

Thought’s on Art Basel? I think its a great event to meet many artists. Its like one huge ongoing paint-party. Where everyone who’s painting looks the same, like walking zombies. Big ups to the fenced in hood Ice Cream truck for those slushies, and not letting you return that shit when it tasted like ASS! My nutritional intake during basel consisted of menthol cigarettes, Amp Energy drinks, Four Loko’s, & those damn Cherry-Slushies!

Any words of wisdom for the noobs/toys? TAKE ADVICE!!!! STOP BEING SO FUCKING BIG-HEADED & THINKING Y’ALL ARE THE SHIT AND RUN SHIT! stop going over ppls shit! stop spot jocking! and do your research before anything!

What sites do you visit to get your graff fix? mainly Flickr with a mix of bombingscience & 12oz.

Which Celebrity nigga would you let impregnate you? LOL! well this one is outta left field! I would have to say Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz, the guitarist for the Acacia Strain.


14 responses to “Interview: Miss Reds AM7 004

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  2. cannot compute, whats up with all the hating?…it’s about the artwork not the personal drama. leave that shit at home,

  3. The only girl who deserves an interview in Miami is Sicks, and not just cause she’s a girl that does graffiti, but b/c she’s been wrecking for more than a minute, yet you don’t see her whoring herself out to these kinda sites. This interview is totally premature. Perhaps if in a decade Miss Reds was still doing anything worth a damn then she should want to be interviewed. But this….is caca.

  4. Yo reds ur sick as fuck I wish my girl painted that would be so sick! Some freaking bonnie nd clyde bomming!yo I wanna ask u something tho I saw some shit of ynot right after he passed and vie crossed it out..wassup with that? -.-

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  6. red a few years back you put some ish on b.s. and everyone (cept me =) had their say in how wack it was, hows it feel to shove it back in their face?

    • dont feel a thing cause i aint even worried about it. a lot of people have had their change of heart with me. im still here & i aint going anywhere [:

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