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  1. hey kiddies, be careful on the advice the “genius” and graffiti/crime mentor lucas gives you..ever wonder why he suggests that macs are over rated and says you can get by with a pc?? because pc’s are easier to hack! He develops all his crime/surveillence/hacking/theft/ skills on his “friends” in case you catch him he says he’s just playing. an there are no consequences because he will manipulate you to believe it. So you get a pc, and he’s hacking you, guessing passwords, email accounts, doing small experiments to see what you notice, and what you don’t. How much can he get away with, and if you guys ever part ways when/if you figure out what he really is, he will use these stupid lilt hack games to try and destroy you psychologically!(dme??) that’s rigt anyone not benefitting him immediately is a enemy. Small things stupid sidewalk tags by your house that make you say “hey how’d any one know that??” , time changes on your electrical devices, power outages, cell phone settings changed, litl things, to try and make you crack !! be careful guys, he’s a doosy!

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