4 responses to “Don’t Spot Jock!

  1. hey i L l L l, hey lucas,
    at least smile :] when you are sitting around with the homies having them reinforce your wounded black emty ego heart, and you are saying things like, “so and so wouldn’t say that to my face” or “he wishes he was such and such” or ” he ain’t this and that” etceteras, and they are all smiling and saying yeah just because it’s in their immediate benefit. Yeah, smile in those special moments, so we can have a nice picture face to go with The Conversation..

  2. witness the collapse of a control freak
    WiTneS thE ColLaPse of a CoNtRol FrEaK

  3. WiTnesS the CoLlaPse of a ConTrOl freak

  4. it’s true tu eres la puta, yo no te respeto

    wItnEsS thE CoLapSe of a coNtrOL FrEak

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