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3 responses to “RIP LAST EP KBT SAT

  1. Here’s what’s going on, “Pea-sent” since you are totally clueless. Your mentor who “cares about you” has done some shit “whack” graffiti on purpose and then tells you that it is someone else, who is his enemy, and convinces you this someone is your enemy too.

    Your mentor He also tells you he is the one who has done some specific “dope” graffiti in the past, some graffiti you imitated and were influenced by when you were just starting out. When it wasn’t your mentor at all. It was this someone, his enemy.
    Reality is your mentor is so obsessed with, and wishes he was this someone, that he has you go out and “bomb” because he knows that then this someone will go out and take you out. Just so he can see the work of this someone, because this someone doesn’t do graffiti anymore, he is anti-graffiti. Your mentor rather see you get crossed-out by this person he admires, than see you be a successful individual.
    He is sending you out into the open field, blind.
    And you are in over your head.
    That is what cannon fodder is. Pea-sent, is what you are to him, not any one else. Choice is yours. But it may be the end of you. Your Feudal Lord does not care about you.

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