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8 responses to “STICK EM UP 4 – ORLANDO NOVEMBER 9TH!


    Who The Fuck buys this stupid shit? this crew is nonexistent, ashes, dead, like rep, like it’s founder, with urine on his name, and grave.


    • You’re an uninformed imbecile for talking about a crew that’s been at the forefront of the miami graffiti scene for decades. You have no idea what you’re talking about so shut your mouth. I see you all over this website with your psychobabbles. I can name a ton of active members in that crew just off the top of my head. Teez, skem, yuno, quirk, flojoe, alroc and many others are some of the most talented and consistently up writers in miami period.

      • “Because they have to earn it”—-Look you little fucking bitch: You are a THIEF, you haven’t earned SHIT. I AM making it clear. Taking EVERYTHING thing you haven’t earned back from you. ALL OF IT. Your robbin hood bullshit is a fraud, you STEAL from some people and give a little to other people where everyone can see. Only to come back at night and steal a whole BUNCH from those people you “gave” to. You fucking coward.
        You could hardly handle yourself against me 14 years ago when I was brainwashed by you. Now, that’s why you have conveniently avoided my path for years in Miami, has some of the “homies” questioning your “prowess”, BITCH. Anyday. I will give you THE ONLY THING YOU”VE EARNED.

      • Dude c’mon,
        You have kids, your good guy image all over the web is not in accord with you continuing to advance illegal painting. Whether or not “dme” and every single “writer” you mentioned got rocked or not, or can hang or not is irrelevant, just as the decades past is. Now, when there are more than “tons” of legal walls to paint you and the “vets” should hang it up along with your ego, and stop pushing “bombing”, this may be extremely difficult for your ego. It hasn’t been your family that’s been affected negatively due to illegal “bombing” graffiti.

        If it was would you still be typing with your chest out and supporting “one man’s” agenda? You sound like a air conditioned room, and luxury furniture war-hawk, long after the war is over.
        You should note how much his life sucks because of this agenda. “No one “knows” ” who the mother of his child is, or any more names and personal information, that you get to enjoy from a good society life.

        Note: I do note your mean streak-

        Now, do I still not know what I’m talking about?

  2. What you really see is people waking up to the nonsense that is graffiti, because you ALL got your ass handed to you by someone with more skill and integrity. Something that not ONE of you has. To point out that you are a bunch of gimmick salesmen, holding each others dick. Guess what! You have been on my dick for YEARS, because your punk ass “prophet-graffiti-jesus” banksy, had you all thinking he was responsible for the “Freshest Hand in Miami”. Never thought it it was me, because I don’t walk around like god’s gift because I know how jump, climb, and use a can with skill, and I don’t give a FUCK about YOU.
    Get a life pussy, stop stealing young kid’s heads so you can feel validated. FUCK FRESH AND FUCK YOU. You make kids go “bombing” just so they can “jock” you! When they don’t have to, because you have tons of wall space. That is why people are DEAD.
    You want to play the skill game???????GO BOMBING PUSSY. You lose credibility DAILY. …Graffiti is DEAD. Keep pushing and you lose the legals too…
    Wanna chat, you know where to find me. Otherwise quit now.

  3. Wow sorry dme but those t-shirts are looking lame as fuck..on some 10 year old shit..and whats with this clown on top saying graffiti is dead, maybe in Miami it is but not in Europe, what a dumb uneducated cunt

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