9 responses to “R.I.P. TRAYVON!

  1. Real life intervew with Fuc 1 –

    who da fuk u is n wat u rite n y u rite dat
    – i rite fuc 1 GXS FIS BDC KINGK TOSC GBS crus i rite fuc 1 cus i feel lyk ima win

    wats ur crews bout
    – ma crus bout dat shyt

    how u discribe ur style
    – im from talahasee in da pan handle ma styl hela influens by saber toomer ceno nd ether utah

    y da fuc u vandalism
    – i lyk 2 bom

    u gota bomin chase u wan talk bout
    – ya dis 1 tym ya boy bomin dwn da strt popo came lyk woowoo im lyk hell na bruh ran den got cot on a niga fense but ass naked

    wat ur favrit paint
    – i fuc wit paint

    wat ur favrit shoe brand
    – i fuc wit rebok

    y not sketchers
    – fuc sketchers

    – reel shyt fuk ma haters ya boi fuc 1 out here al day ima stay up shattat 2 usvsthebuff 4 postin da intervew ima stay up doinnit shattat ma daws KINGCREW nd ma daws

  2. ^^^ lol yo wat it do mang. dis yaboy dick1. holler ata niggah when ya wanna getz yo fuck on u kno wat im sayin. we gon be trippin lyk whoa namsayin. we be smokin dat DANK niggaahh. werd.

  3. Let’s make this easy and clear for all of the “graffiti community” to see.
    Assume anyone that gets crossed out in S. Fl. is crosses out by us. You do not know us. Nobody in the “graffiti community” is “down” with us. Nobody you know is down with us. WE HAVE CROSSED OUT EVERY “CREW” IN “Miami’s graffiti” community. mems,info, duels, kemo,syen,most,banksy, koma,dz,msg,shout,dme,3ple,tcp,ep,everyone, all of you fucking idiots have been dissed repeatedly, and we’ll make it easy, any thing that makes you feel inadequate, make you feel “dispected” assume I DID IT, COME GET ME. You know who I am. You PUNK BITCH. Or will you Die like you lived, a COWARD. Then when your “homies”, if any of them still think you were their friend, write up your stupid fucking fake name tag followed by RIP, it will get CROSSED the FUCK OUT. Don’t make a mess on your wayout. you BITCH.

  4. seriously this web site has gone to SHIT. updates are half-assed and they barely happen. City -wide coverage doesnt exist to these people, WYNWOOD is where its at to them. Now usvs is taking more time into bombing their own WEBSITE than actually making posts and updates. incriminating much? doesnt make any sense whatsoever. all bad

    • You forgot to mention that I’ve been busy organizing events down here, setting up events out of town, showcasing other peoples work and not asking for anything in return, hooking up my fellow artist with work, and yeah, I’ve been painting a little. No ones doing what I’ve been doing down here, if you don’t like it just shut the fuck up and start your own site

  5. Yall een know where we from? Diz MIAMI graffitee not outta hea graffshit, g shit I spit ree-dick…..-ee-lous I burn…u toast. Y’all dont play round no mo or yall fin see whats really poppinslime. Shout out 2 UsTheBuff for doin work! keep rockn dem uglass pzs at marina

  6. bombing your own website is a sorry ass excuse to call yourself a ”writer”. quit while you’re ahead evrybody in miami sucks my ass

    • Hahaha it brought you here and you know my name, eat a dick, get off the internet and go paint, that’s the whole point of this site, Run along like this sentence……

      Looks like it’s the same anonymous hater as last week….still afraid to leave a name huh?

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