TV 47

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7 responses to “TV 47

      • Wow your so serious, and its so sad. You have absolutely no knowledge on graffiti, and who runs what. And I’m not some hater or some butt hurt person who never gets flicked. I’m in all the posts, and appreciate what you do, and realize it takes a lot of time and doesn’t pay. But This is the radio of graffiti. Every once in awhile they play some real stuff. But either way keep it up because I’m not out there doing it so I can’t talk.

  1. All your latest post are legal bullshit. Go out to real Miami hoods that show who’s really killing it, not like these pretty niggas.

  2. Nice flik. All them pieces are poppin. Your website, put what ever the fuck you wanna put up. THANKS FOR THE FLIK.

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